List of The Sims 3 Glitches & Bugs

Maybe if I made a list of glitches that people are having then maybe they can realize they aren’t the only ones having the same problems.

  • Decreasing/increasing body weight on my Sim in CAS, the body parts detach from the whole Sim. For example, when I’m increasing body weight, the Sim’s torso detaches from the body. Likewise, while I’m decreasing the body weight, the Sim’s torso moves away from the rest of the body. Another glitch/bug is that when I increase my Sim’s muscle mass in CAS, there is no visible change.
  • Changing the category of clothing, Sim’s hair color changes, Sim gets a different hairstyle, Sim gets added accessories, and Sim’s eyebrows change.
  • The cheapest shower’s arrow ‘faces’ the wrong direction, It’s supposed to point where you enter from but is on the wrong side.
    This makes it annoying while building a small house, I didn’t pay a maid $125, so he went to steal a chair.
    BUT now the chair is “attached” with the desk… and on the desk was a laptop…
    I owed him $125 and he took over $5500 worth…
  • Audio making weird crazy noises.
  • Applied for a job in the athletic career, there’s this spot by the stadium that won’t go away.
  • Random single males have babies with no mothers.
  • The game randomly deletes families and asexually reproduces kids with no explanations.
  • Children moved out of the house, took a life of their own with story progression off.
  • You CAN toggle the family, but when you go back to the original it will have changed. Some Sims may not even be there, or have new kids…and your saved wished and promises will be gone.
  • Can get to Create- a-Sim for a while, 10 minutes or so, computer screen turns black and system shuts down.
  • Female character had a small glitch in moodlet panel, the “Cozy Fire” moodlet when the family did not have a fireplace.
  • This only seems to affect the mom Sim. Once mom had her first baby, she would pretend to hold an infant, and when sitting or laying down she would alternate between the correct position and a standing position. There were some spacial issues while she attempted to train her toddler to walk for the first time.
  • Roofs are disappearing after modifying house.
  • Hair disappearing.
  • Game going black, causing computer to freeze.
  • Negative moodlet fails to leave after 10 minutes.
  • Halfway through loading the screen start blinking and goes into a blinking version of the Create-a-Sim mode where it will continue to blink. [Sounds like a graphics card problem.]
  • Protesters are blocking the walkway, other Sims can’t/won’t move around them.
  • Taught a toddler to talk and now neither her or the mom can do anything except sit there, frozen.
  • Having troubles downloading; says the code was ‘already used or invalid’.
  • Baby bottle that can’t be deleted or a Sims can’t pick it up. [There’s a cheat code that can fix this one.]
  • Had a paper to recycle and threw it away in trash can then all of a sudden there’s a message saying that the Sims was being inappropriate and was kicked out of the house and was told to leave making the Sims hate that Sim.
  • Sim put on formal wear to go to bed and bathing suit to go out. When told to change into a certain outfit, it still doesn’t work. [This is only a bug/glitch if you don’t have the Insane Trait for your Sim.]
  • Time controls not changing.
  • The television never cuts off even in ‘buy/build mode’ or when the game is paused, the television even still have sound coming from it.
  • Families losing cars.
  • Sims getting stuck in showers.
  • Carpool still arrives even when Sims have a car. Sometimes the Sims would leave from work carpool but it would take a cab with the carpool sitting next to the cab.
  • Download manager isn’t managing [working].
  • Okay, I got my Sim to call up on a maid, and as she came (and actually wrecked the house), I decided to go get some groceries (they were holding a sale or something). As my Sim was walking to the grocery store, the maid said she was done and was leaving.So my Sim got all the goods and such. When I tried directing him home, I noticed something funny on the map. When I clicked on the green house sign, it said “No interactions available.” Huh? It’s my own house!When my Sim came back he was as dumbfounded as me as to how to get inside his house when the game didn’t think it was his. He knew it was his house though, and recycled the newspapers outdoors (neat trait).
  • Cutting ‘Story Progression’ to ‘off’ does not work.
  • When the pizza is delivered and my Sim wants to try to eat it, but no table space anywhere and it goes into inventory, but in the inventory when I click “Grab a Slice”  My Sim will go to the closest table and go into an infinite loop of finding table space, look at yummy pizza, no table space -> put into inventory -> repeat.
  • The Story Progression toggle is broken – it is on whether you want it on or not.
  • Crazy endless spawning of babies in households that I am not playing.
  • Single men all of a sudden have a baby on their porch.
  • Family households that are not being played will all of a sudden have some single Sim move in with them.
  • Guitars get stuck to Sims in very odd positions.
  • Girl Sim stands up in the middle of her bed and her arms are posed as if she is holding a baby, and then she snaps back to bed for a few seconds, and repeats.
  • Saves don’t function on all parts of a lot or family: If you switch from one active family to another, you cause everything in Personal Inventory of family A to be sold, and give you the appropriate funding, unless it’s a used item, such as a laptop or a guitar, which stays. This includes the Lifetime Reward “Collection Helper” (the $6000 is NOT compensation IMO).
  • Turning off aging is buggy: The time bar ’til next age will fill randomly, but they will not age, and it will reload when next you go to Map View.
  • Experiment Auras will not always show (Going to Map View and coming back will fix this).
  • Sim and her toddler are floating in space next to my house. They are selectable, but they can’t move anywhere.
  • When you have a toddler sitting on the floor watching TV, and the parents are also watching the TV. They are talking back and forth. When the toddler speaks it’s upper body stretches.
  • Taught a toddler to talk and now neither her or the mom can do anything except sit there, frozen.
  • Items purchased with Sim Points through the TS3 store disappearing after downloading and installing requiring them to be re-downloaded and reinstalled.
  • Entire families disappearing and reappearing from the Main Menu.
  • Lighthouse not seen anywhere in map view appears in view from my Sim’s lot.
  • Message telling you that bills are due, but no mail being delivered. Or bills already paid not being “credited”.
  • Items that I never bought or downloaded from the store are showing up in my account history purchases list.
  • Unable to ride bike after purchasing in Buy mode. Message appears saying that no interactions are available.
  • All color disappearing from household items that have been designed/recolored.
  • I’ve tried running the game in windowed mode and it likes to freeze up on me. The game will lock up for a minute or two and then unfreeze only to freeze up when I click on another command. I didn’t notice it last night while playing but this morning it happened constantly while in build mode.
  • So basically, I’ve been downloading clothes and hairstyles off the sims 3 website for my sims and i find that when i go to try the custom content on it keeps closing down back to windows but its still at the bottom so I can click back on it. I got used to this because it closes down for each item and then it works, But if i go to a wardrobe and do it or a mirror and i also have the ‘testingcheatsenabled true’ cheat also.

When i go back to play mode I cant click on anything, all I can do it teleport and if I click on another Sim I can make them have a birthday or add them to my family.

  • TEENAGER disappeared, when the police took him because he was hanging out too late. To be exact, when he and the policeman were in the car, instead of starting the car (with those two inside it) disappeared and I couldn’t anymore find my teenager boy anywhere or even call him.
  • Well my problem is whenever I am playing after a certain amount of time my game stops and just pretend my sims was saying hello the game would go ” he . . he . . . he . . .” etc and go back to the desktop with no error reports or nothing just as if nothing has happened. Also when i return back to the desktop all my icons are big and everything is in such low quality ! i try to click back on the game but it says something like ” video / graphics card not found please check system.
  • When in build/buy mode, this happens 10 times more. Esp. when a you’ve entered a cheat.:The game freezes. As you wait, it gets worse. You are unable to move the mouse. All sound messes up. This makes a sound before it goes silent. Kinda like a record stopping. Next, the BSoD comes and states: An error has occurred. You may want to uninstall any recently installed programs.
  • I had a family of a mom a daughter and the mom’s boyfriend. I moved the mom’s boyfriend into his own house. The mom and the boyfriend had a baby together. I went to change households and I wanted the boyfriend to be the active household. Except when I went to his house, no one lived there. I went to his son’s family tree and it still said he was alive. He isn’t in any of the relationships but he is still on a family tree.

I had another family that had six kids. I moved two of the older kids out when they were young adults and then I didn’t play with the family for a while. I just got back to the family today and sure enough a set of twins and another son is gone.

I have no idea what to do! They were only toddlers and they are literally just disappearing. I know it’s not something with me saving the game because there are younger siblings on the game.

  • I had a family of with a man and a woman, they were totally in love and had already three kids, but the option to get them married or even dating simply NEVER APPEARED! So anyone else could flirt with them and they didn’t mind

Some of these sound like computer issues and not the game others sound like glitches due to the computer and well so on and so forth. Hopefully, EA will come through with that ‘Same day patch’ before people start flipping over cars and setting their houses on fire. [I mean in the Sims game.]


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  1. Can someone help me? I started playing with a sim who was already in town and it said she had a romance with a sim that doesn’t appear anywhere and doesn’t even exist in the sim’s acquaintances, friendships, etc, catalog.. i really want to end that romance but i dont know how, anyone know what to do?

  2. help!!!! everytime i click on an object so my sim can use then my sim says he cant walk over t it plz help!!!!!!!!!

  3. So my character has this wish to move in with his girlfriend. They are both young adults and are currently engaged. I spam my Sim with friendly actions to be done to his girlfriend until the action ‘Ask To Move In’ pops out. When I do ask her to move in, she agrees and the ++ icon appears on top of both their heads. Then both of them suddenly freeze for a second then my Sim pops up around 3 cells away from her and the action ‘Ask To Move In’ is never accomplished. I’ve tried and repeated countless times but I still get the same result. What do I do?

  4. PLZ HELP!!!!!! okai i got my sim preggo and she was having her baby and it said the process went well so it let me choose 2 traits for it i named it an all that stuff but it keeps making me do that same thing over an over PLZ HELPP!! thank you

    srry for postin it again

  5. PLZ HELP!!!!!! okai i got my sim preggo and she was having her baby and it said the process went well so it let me choose 2 traits for it i named it an all that stuff but it keeps making me do that same thing over an over PLZ HELPP!! thank you

    • The same thing happened to me, It got to the point where she’d had like 11 kids and i shift + clicked (using testingcheatsenabled) and deleted the mother, but she disapeared and i had all the blank green boxes where the babies faces should have been but no babies

  6. I have a very strange glitch. I am trying to get my husband and wife sims to have another baby. Their relationship has dipped so I’ve been trying to bring it back up by having them act romantically. However, right when I get to the point where it seems like the relationship should move to the next stage (it’s hard to define since they’re married, but it would be like moving from “friends” to “good friends”) one or both of the sims “jumps” to a different area of the lot. Like they were making out in bed and then all of the sudden the wife is outside and the husband is on the other side of the house.

    Also, no matter how close they get, the options to “woohoo” and “try for baby” will not appear. When I click on the shower “woohoo” it gives me the message, “there must be a potential lover on the lot.” There is, but it’s not reading it for some reason.

  7. before i got any expansions my sims house got caught on fire and after the fireman put it out he got stuck in the doorway and the truck was still there. then i got ampitions ( my 2nd expansion) and his truck drove off but the fire man was unfrozen but wouldn’t leave the lot. he left after my sims had a baby. wierdest glitch ever

  8. I have one weird problem in my Sims 3. when i click on my Sim and then click on my pet they both stay “clicked”. so now i dont even know which one i am playing. I have one sim and 2 dogs. everytime i play they are all selected. now i am afraid to click anyone except my sims. its impossible to play like that. please help me. greetz from Croatia.

  9. the faces get all smeared downward, how do I fix this, I tryed reinstalling and it did not work please help!

  10. My sim, she was going to bathe, but I went to cancel the action (I wanted her to use the other bathroom..) and the action is still in the corner with an X through it, and backed up behind that is the force actions, such as “pee self” and “pass-out” that I can’t cancel. But seeing as how the first action sits there with the X, she can’t do anything, including die. She smells, too. My adults are sleeping in the diningroom because she’s in their bedroom just stuck.. I don’t know how to fix this? I’ve restarted the game several times, too.

    In addition, this has happened before with a cat. It just stood there, just like my sim is. I had to make the owner put the cat up for adoption. However, I cannot put my sims’ grandmother up for adoption haha… I’ve played the sims, with the mod, sooo many times before and this hasn’t happened until just recently.. what should I do?

  11. I have the Nightlife Expansion, whenever I try to real estate and build/buy on a lot, it goes into build/buy mode but the thing where you select what to build/place isn’t showing up, and I can’t go back to Live Mode, and when I try to via edit town, when I select return to game the button just dissapears, and when I try to use Change Active Household, when I click my single sim the entire gui dissapears so you can only see the town and the pause square.

    • I have that same exact problem. I sat and waited for about 5 mins with the little circular loading symbol spinning around and nothing happened. When I go back to Live Mode, the sims thumbnail face that is selected at the time will then be the same for the rest of my sims in the household. They all even have the same exact needs too….Anybody got any ideas?

  12. my toddler sim falls asleep in his crib for only like, five seconds then he wakes up and wakes up everyone else. He is tired but wont stay asleep. Please Help!

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