The Sims 3 World Adventures: The Legendary Axe of Pangu Guide


The Legendary Pangu‘s Axe is a vital tool for adventurers who want to explore tombs. You can only get Pangu’s Axe in china, and you’ll have to complete all of the available adventures there [in the Temple of Heaven]. This guide will help you along in achieving the great feat in earning Pangu’s Axe.

What does the axe do exactly?

Pangu’s Axe removes rubble piles a whole lot faster than any Sim. It can smash boulders as well which is its greatest ability. Tombs in ChinaFrance and Egypt all feature boulders that cannot be surpassed without the Axe. Getting this axe will save your Sim some backtracking and perhaps allow them to access great treasure much earlier. The things you will need to get started on your pursuit in receiving this axe is:

  1. Tent.
  2. Dry food.
  3. Puzzle solving skill. [Only in World Adventures].
  4. Charisma. [Try reading a book a charisma and raise it to at least 3 or 4].

Getting the Quest

Depending on your luck and patience you’ll have to spend a lot of time in China and you may have to make a few trips back depending on that luck I mentioned. Taking the ‘prepared traveler reward’ helps with this as it can give you three extra days out of country. Check the adventure board frequently. There are at least four or five in there, if one named ‘Confounded Boulder!’ isn’t there, you will need to eliminate some. You may even need to do four or more, so that more slots are freed up when the board is replenished overnight.

When you’ve finally got the Confounded Boulder quest, you’ll begin a five part chain of events. First, you’ll need to convince three locals, then convince one to give up the location of the axe. That Sim will require you to collect several gems to fund the city [which is why you need your Charisma up to par]. You’ll then need to retrieve the Axe from the Temple of Heaven. Lastly, acquire a relic from Hot Springs to claim ownership of the Axe.

The Temple of Heaven

The door to get in is located in one of the two outside buildings. There’s a stairwell inside. Once you get to the end of the long path and are met with two stairwells, that’s where the tombs are.

Once you’ve retrieved the axe, your Sim will have to get back out of course. There will be new traps to get through along the way, and you’ll need to do a bit of disarming and attempting to cross in order to make it out. Keep a sharp eye and you’ll be able to avoid getting hit too much. Once you reach the first stairwell in the map, take the other for an exit route featuring some boulders to smash. There’s some extra treasure to be had here as well. It will eventually take you straight back to the entrance of the tomb. You have a choice if you want to do the next part although you already have Pangu’s axe in your possession, but you should probably complete the chain and get it over with since you’ve came this far.  Move on to the Hot Springs in the next step to get plenty of visa points and ancient coins to help fund your explorations.

Adventuring the Hot Springs

When you’re finished with the last quest, your Sim will be sent to do an adventure in the Hot Springs to recover a relic for the quest giver. Pangu’s Axe will be needed to smash the boulder blocking the dive well at the entrance to the hot springs. The dungeon inside is rather small and features just a few puzzles. The only hard one involves fire. Push the statue onto the floor panels then step on the foot switches to gradually extinguish all the flames but the one blocking the door to the right. Once you’ve made it to the end, and recover the relic, Pangu’s Axe will be yours upon speaking with the quest giver. You’ll now be able to use Pangu’s Axe to smash through boulders in many places in China, France, and Egypt, revealing new hidden treasures for your Sim to collect.


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  1. I have already claimed the axe from china. But for some reason I cannot find it in my sim’s inventory, nor in the family inventory. When I went with the same sim back to china, the axe was not on the wall of the temple of heaven. I moved a sim in my household to do the questline from the beginning but the tomb was already explored and the axe not there. I tried buydebug, the axe is visible in buy/build and invisible in live mode for all the sims in the household of the adventurer that claimed it once. Last shot: try to go to china with another neighbor of a different household and gift the axe to the previous one -if they find it- or delete boulders with cheats. Any other ideas please?

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