The Sims 3: Ways to Kill Your Sim

If you’re curious as to how to kill your Sims in the Sims 3 well continue reading.

[I’ve should of been made this]


Simply cut off free will and don’t feed your Sim. If your Sim’s free will is on, let alone on high, they’ll feed themselves. But to make sure, put them in a room with no doors. It takes time but that’s what the speed 3 button is for. This one may take a while. There have been people saying that the Grim Reaper would come but he would give that Sim another chance at life. When your Sim do die, your Ghost Sim will be purple.


Since your Sim can climb out of the pools now [in The Sims 2, they couldn’t of course] you will have to build a wall around the swimming pool. Make sure you remove any step ladders out of the pool so you can build your wall. When your Sim die, your ghost Sim will be blue and dripping.


There are a couple ways to set your Sim on fire. You can leave the food [cancel cooking before Sim is finished] on the stove until it catches fire and then move your Sim near it. Or you can put 3-4 fireplaces in one room and cut them all on and remove the door. When your Sim die, your ghost Sim will be orange and flaming.


With this one you can either, have a Sim tinker and try and fix something with a low mechanical skill. Or have them fix something electrical with a pool of water that hasn’t been mopped up with a low mechanical skill. You may only have to try once but on occasions it can take two to three tries to kill your Sim. When your Sim die, your ghost Sim will be yellow with jolts of lightning coming from it.

Old Age

Of course the last one will be is when your Sim die of old age. Just simply let your Sim reach the end of its lifespan and your Sim will die. You can force your Sim to age with the cheat code [forcecheatenable true] by pressing CTRL+Shift+C. Then shift + click on the Sim and there should be a selection to ‘trigger age transition’. When your Sim die, your Sim ghost will be Gray.


There has been word on the internet that there is a mod on called ‘Dexter the Bear. From my understanding it allows your Sim to kill another Sim in some cruel ways. I will have to do some research on this and I’ll check back with an update on my findings.

You can bring your Sim back to life with a Death Flower. [Check the Ghost Guide]

If you have the patches installed, you can no longer have baby ghost Sims from my knowledge.

In some cases the Science Center will call you with an opportunity that involves your dead Sim. You have to bring the Urn [ashes] to the Science Lab. That’ll be the only way [I believe] you can play as a Ghost Sim in the game.

If you want the ghost to stay or ‘haunt’ your home, just put the gravestone out front or out back and that Sim will stay there.

In the expansion pack [World Adventures] for The Sims 3, you can get cursed by a mummy and perish.

Click here if you would like to see the Death and Ghost Guide.

If anyone have any tips or information they would like to share, feel free to leave a comment.