The Sims 3: How to use CAW [Create a World Tool] for those who do not have Ambitions


  • Uninstall everything if you have ambitions OR the latest patch for your game installed.




During installation of the different expansions, you may be prompted to install a patch.

The patch needed to make Ambitions work with your primary game will be on the Ambitions expansion pack disc. Just as a recommendation, do this offline because the launcher may auto patch your game to the most current version.


  • Reconnect your internet if it’s disconnected. Go here to Patches Scroll and depending on the expansion packs that you have installed, and your current region, search for and the section ‘1.11.7‘. There you will find a download that is named patch ‘1.06 to 1.11.7‘. This download will include all the patches needed to get you from ‘1.0.6 to 1.11.7‘. you will have to do this for whatever other expansions you have installed as well. At the top there will be a link to the other expansions, go there and do the same thing. The patch section you want for is ‘2.6.11‘ for World adventure and ‘3.2.8‘ for High End Loft.


  • Run the applications that comes with the downloads. They may take some time to download/install because of their file size.


  • If you uninstalled CAW, reinstall it and you can either search for ‘Sims 3 CAW patch 1.6.72’ or open the Sims launcher but do not click ‘yes’ to ‘there is an update for your game’. Close that out and click on the updates tab and at the top. A check box for CAW should be at the top under whatever other game patch there is. Check that and select update, just make sure you did not select both.

If you followed these steps, Your Sims game version should be ‘1.11.7/2.6.11/3.2.8‘, and your CAW version should be  at large.

If you are having trouble with getting everything to work and you followed these steps. Please leave a comment.