The Sims 3: Solutions for the CRC Error

‘Cyclic Redundancy Error’ is usually caused by a registry issue can usually be fixed with a registry scan. But just in case you can always try these solutions. Which also can lead you to getting a ‘Disc Authorization Error’.

  1. You will want to attempt a hard drive installation of the game. In this process, you copy the game files to the Desktop, so that the disk, although necessary for running the game, is not necessary for installation.

1. Right-click the Desktop, select New, and select Folder.
2. Insert the Install Disk into the drive.
3. Exit any auto-play screen that may appear.
4. Open My Computer.
5. Right-click the CD-ROM drive containing the Install Disk and select Open.
6. Click Edit at the top of the window.
7. Click Select All.
8. Click Edit again.
9. Click Copy.
10. Close the window.
11. Right-click the New Folder on your desktop and select Paste. (The game files will now copy.)
12. Once the files from the Install Disk are copied proceed to step 13.
13. Upon completion, remove all disks from any drives.
14. Double-click the Setup folder.
15. Double-click on the Sims3Setup.exe icon, looks like two silver arrows and a half-circle on a blue background. (The installation should now begin.)

2. If you got Sims 3 CRC Error then there is a 94% chance that your computer has registry problems. To repair Sims 3 CRC error you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Download a Perfect Optimizer,install this error repair tool.
  2. Click the Repair All Button.It will scan you PC for Free.
  3. Then click the Repair All Button again and your done! It is very easy to repair Sims 3 CRC error.

3. Download EA download manager [EADM], create an account on there, then you get your serial key for the game, type it in EA download manager and it will download the game and install.  A CRC error is the DVD Drive not being able to read the disc properly. It downloads pretty quick. and anyone else who is having this problem this is the way around. All you need to do is have an EA account set up, then there is a tab that says activation, this is where the serial key goes, and its that simple.

4. Run the Windows Defragmenter software on your system. Fragmented hard disk space can cause this error.

CRC errors may also be caused by a hard disk or DVD drive failing or being unable to write consistent data.

If you have run the Defragmenter software and are continuing to experience this error, please contact your system’s manufacturer for further diagnostics.

It appears that in some cases, users that are using the EA download Manager version of The Sims 3 may experience this error if their download is paused. To resolve this issue, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to the EADM.
  2. Click on the red x in the upper right part of the Sims 3 download to clear the EADM cache.
  3. Re-download The Sims 3; do not pause the download.

There is a new FAQ addressing this issue:

[Click Here]

Well Hopefully these solutions help. It doesn’t hurt to try them all…

Also, if you need older patches for the game because the new one you installed [v1.7/2.2] made your game worse which resulted you uninstalling then reinstalling the game. You can download the older patches here separately.


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  1. Well the errors I get are not near 94% and its a fresh install of windows. And registry is ok as far as I can tell. The copy to HD fails at gamecache file. And disk stops reading from there. Tried it on two machines and same crc error with in teraCopy. And the disk is spotlessly clean. Unfortunately don’t have access to a decent internet line. So all these options conclude that its a faulty dvd. And no chance of getting it replaced here in south africa.

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