The Sims 3: List of Bad Custom Content for Babies/Toddlers/Teens

This is a list of bad Custom Content in The Sims 3. Simply find your mod folder and check and see if you have any of these installed. Just might fix your game. If you know of any bad CC please feel free to leave a comment.

Night Time Day Time Everyday Shoes

  • File name: 0x53c8a792708a8503c3af11001586b1b0.package


  • File name: 0xec444a892128e2f64e35fdc00c075eb8.package

New CAS Project (Vampir)

  • File name: 0x6cd59455e4d12667fa7eb50bdda87cec.package


  • File name: 0x0dda2711930fda2014de7d6b9ec21527.package

Bottom-Nkd / New CAS Project

  • File name: 0x02c29833b8fb70f338ab3b62784889aa.package
    • New CAS Project: 0x1223f7daf927240764014fe09f55be2d.package
      • cvm: 0xf0593d013736e5ea0bef4e9943fd889a.package

Taylor Swift Love Story Tee1

  • File name: 0x15b9d41861114b40ef9f0c2bd4ab29ce.package

Default Eyes

  • File name: 0xe5a2e4dc1e70fb2c8822e171248d3c10.package

Collection Blondes

  • File name: 0xa48f9acdb7fd28f0d644e74519e197ff.package
    • 0x3ad2dcf85c06d2ed2fd04859a1af5922.package

HorseBody all ages both genders

  • File name: 0xc20b58d5f0b0d951a4ae2473ba0e9d4d.package

Moogle T-Shirt

  • File name: 0xef84ca73efcb269dd9232c5a8d437bc0.package

Slogan Tee 2

  • File name: 0xf9c54cf574d526f28c9f48049772e8d8.package

Miffy T-Shirt

  • File name: 0xd6a7418e2181a2555d330dd25bef4727.package

Ravin Rabbids Tee

  • File name: 0x36fccb87641f0f0ebf1d46824b79c0f3.package

Slogan Tshirt

  • File name: 0x79c4d1380d076a0a4baa3fd2ae88a6c5.package

Zombie Dance Crew Vest

  • File name: 0x2b4b1544fc3b2b907fb7aae2f22ffa18.package


  • File name: 0xd958ac818693e2f461a35349d0fd0cd6.package

Metallica Magnets Logo T-Shirt

  • File name: 0xd95a69e076c145b0c177e1469d5f8b5b.package

SpongeBob Burger Train

  • File name: 0xcaf1c46e127afb1fbb7524d47effee88.package


  • File name: 0x539db5f3ca4906cd68b5c96f3bf143da.package

The Dancing Cupcake Shirt!

  • File name: 0x652492a159154313f887b9b4cc953b8e.package

Flounce Dress1

  • File name: 0x508d8dbbb6478b31f2189f0fd58842c6.package

Carriesims_everyday_vintage Jeans

  • File name: 0x1b0f7204f2a259be7a09eaa86966c1fc.package

YA/A F Empire Waist Mini Dress

  • File name: 0xe578af8acfdd1adb8ab5e19a623a3b1d.package

S2S Sneaker for Child

  • File name: 0xe194d7ba81ba60b325b80b111de5df88.package

af hair wrap long

  • File name: 0xd489fdae3aa9d3ca26110659b9bdff7f.package

New CAS Project

  • File name: 0x2f18f2ad05bfadfd43cf02009ec92483.package


  • File name: 0x52bb70468c03d98a438a8766f21dcee0.package

8 comments on “The Sims 3: List of Bad Custom Content for Babies/Toddlers/Teens

  1. AHH! Thanks sooo much! You saved my LIFE! I am so glad to be able to have normal babies now! And you bet when I go on a downloading spree, I’ll take that extra five minutes to come here and clear my game of the bad stuff 🙂

  2. Thank you soooo much!
    You almost saved my life, I was nearly weeping my eyes off with these awkward content!
    Thanks again, savior!

  3. Thank you so much! I’m right in the middle of uninstalling the custom content that I don’t want and I wanted to get the glitches out of my game and now I can uninstall the glitches too! And I’m getting Supernatural tomorrow so now I hope it will run more smoothly 😀

  4. I know I have some of the items listed but when I search for the package file number code thing they arent there

  5. My sims game now has like these animal horns and a bow and arrow? do you know the fix for this?
    P.S. Thanks so much for all your knowledge, it has been so helpful.

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