The Sims 3 Pets: List of Glitches, Bugs, Errors [With Some Solutions]

It took me a minute but I finally got around to it. Here are a list of glitches, bugs and errors for The Sims 3 Pets. That may be caused by mods, patches, etc; with possible solutions. If you’re new here then the rules are as follows, you have an error, glitch, or whatever that’s not listed here, please leave a comment. If you have a solution to one of the problems on this list, also leave a comment, they’re very much appreciated. Any solution I come across will be highlighted in red. So look out for that.

The Most Common Bugs

  • Objects in home or on map aren’t working correctly.
  • Patch causes spiral staircasesto work improperly.
    • [Solution – Try turning the staircase]

Issues with Pet Skills

  • Dogs/Cats can’t learn hunting skill.
  • Horses get no racing skill.
  • Riding skill is only gained after dismounting the horse.
  • Cats gain skill with no clear reason. {It’s because cats are awesome!}
    • [Solution– Open your command console [CTRL+SHIFT+C]
      • Type testingcheatsenabled true  in the command console.
      • Hold down your shift key + click on the mail box.
      • Click static needs.
      • After your pet is done learning the skill you can turn back to dynamic needs doing the same thing.
      • To turn off the cheat type testingcheatsenabled false in the command console.]
  • Sim‘s have problem fishing with bait.
  • Sim’s pet teleports outside of the map.
  • Your pets can get a makeover. [Solution – Very easy, simply cancel the action].
  • Animals stretch doing certain interactions. IE: stretching, sniffing, cat vomiting, dogs digging holes, dog walking, sitting down, etc.
  • Multi-select portraits?
  • Sims disappearing.
  • Objects disappearing.

Bugs That Are Caused by the Patch Only

Meaning you don’t have The Sims 3 Pets, just the patch/update.

  • Sims able to cook dog food and then the food is stuck in their inventory.
  • Auto-sprinkler does not work any more.
  • You can buy carrots, but cannot be planted and you can’t see them.

Caused by Outdated Modifications

  • Missing interactions, traits, un-rideable animals, wants, un-removable saddles, stretchy animals and LTW.
  • Deformed pets in CAS.
  • Zooming in CAS doesn’t work.

Pets related

Horse Issues

  • Horses can call firemen to thank them.
  • Can’t direct a foal to sleep in the stall.
  • Electronic Safeguard Gates don’t let horses through.  Also an issue with other gates. Works with new gates.
  • Horses try to enter houses, public bathrooms, climb steps etc to get to Sims or other pets.
  • Box stalls when butted up against each other will occasionally say they are being used if the stalls next to them are occupied.
  • Foals spontaneously appearing and disappearing.
  • Sim randomly dismounts horse.
  • “Training Fatigue” moodlet even when he hasn’t been training.
  • Mane changes with every saddle.
  • Horses can’t play with the training ball.
  • Horse not able to exercise.

Dogs & Cats Issues

  • – Cats can’t use elevators.
  • Puppy can’t be picked up.
  • Guard House doesn’t really work. Burglar still steals stuff.
  • Mark as favorite sleeping spot doesn’t take priority.
  • Missing have Fun option on my Cat so laser can’t be used.
  • Kittens get into pet beds, they hang off the edge instead of actually in the bed.
  • Dogs change to mutts. Changing anything on an animal, makes them not pure breed anymore.
  • Kittens can’t be brought up on the elevator.
  • Mess-up with the “Best in the Show” pet competition.
  • Can’t bring kittens in the car to community lots.
  • Cat looses playful trait when playing with the wall dancer.
  • Cats don’t put toys back into the toy box. They are stuck in their mouth. [Solution – Don’t place the box outside.]
  • Problem involving play fetch and celebrities.

Animal Issues

  • Pop-up about becoming BFF’s with the animals although there are no relationship changes.
  • Male pets that are adopted or purchased keep their last name ‘Horse or Dog’ instead of changing to the family name of the Sim household as the women do.
  • Households that have pets up for adoption cannot be evicted, split up, made active household, etc.
  • All pets up for adoption are either kittens or elders.
  • ‘Adopt’ action for stray even if the relationship level is max.
  • Wild horses can’t be adopted because “riding level is not high enough” even with level 10.
  • Adopting a pet takes forever and blocks traveling and moving.
  • Random Animal dying.
  • Animals can be asked to go skinny dipping.
  • Pet family tree not showing anymore.

Minor Animal Issues

  • Animals taken out of their cages, can’t be put back.
  • Escaping animals get stuck on objects.
  • Disappearing baby pets in inactive families.
  • Adoption might not work very well when SP is turned off.

Stray, Wild Animal & Unicorn Issues

  • Gnomes succeed at repelling strays, which was their advertised function, their attract mode doesn’t work, but instead continues to repel.
  • Unicorns lose their horns on moving them to a new hood.
  • Can’t adopt unicorns or wild horses.

Aging issues

  • Existent aging issues.
  • Birds don’t live very long.
  • Adopted kitten age into adults or elders within days.
  • Pets don’t age.
  • No one ages.
  • Everyone is at end of sliders with aging off.

Meters & Moodlets Issues

  • Animal mood meter are stuck or decay very fast.
  • Need-Bars decay very quickly.
  • Pets social meter decays very fast.
  • Sims get the betrayed moodlet when horses try for foal.

Feeding & Eating issues

  • Sims are being served dog food at the restaurants.
  • Cat keeps going to the food bowl even though they aren’t hungry.
  • Dog lies down to eat.
  • Eating cats and dogs stick through walls.
  • When my dog chews on the bone toy from the toy box, some of the time it floats in mid-air behind the dog.

Issue with Ice Cream Truck

  • Ice Cream Truck is getting stuck on the road.

Routes & Animation issues

  • Pets can’t go down a platform.
  • Pets get stuck in platforms.
  • Pets get stuck in foundations.
  • Pets walk through walls & objects.
  • Path issues when standing next to a horse after having performed a clean hooves or brush.
  • Sims are having difficulty putting out fires in their home.
  • When horses get stuck between objects or Sims, they will be walking in place but not actually going anywhere.
  • Sometimes when cats get out of the litter box, they don’t animate correctly and just kind of disappear then reappear out of the box.
  • When dogs or cats destroy objects, there’s no animation, just noise.
  • Jump course Routing error.
  • Horses can’t escape fences.
  • Routing issues with bird-cage.
  • Routing issues with horses.
  • Sims’ feet get stuck in the ground on dismounting.
  • Dogs get stuck in fences.
  • Horse teleports into garage and can’t escape through the open garage door. Also keeps trying to use Sim doors.
  • Horse trying to nap inside the house.
  • Horse and Sim get stuck after dismounting in the stall.
  • Pets and Sims slide instead of walk.

Jumping, Action Interruption & Teleporting

  • Sims randomly stopping training, or immediately dismounting after mounting a horse.
  • Autonomous actions don’t seem to cancel out of another Sim’s queue.
  • Terrorizing the Mailman cancels out actions in progress.
  • Teleporting issue on training course.
  • While on the training ground, horse jumps to porch.
  • Dog goes to bed but sort of jumps to the back of the small bed then back to where he should be.
  • Horse and rider getting teleported across the map when doing jumping course.

Issues With Lifetime wishes, wishes & Lifetime rewards

  • LTR change in taste: New music types are not available for choosing.
  • Animals don’t trigger the “has earned enough for a lifetime happiness award” notification.
  • Equestrian Competition prize money resets on exit, traveling, moving.
  • Missing Pet Rewards.

Freezing & Lags

  • Game kind of stalls/freezes when I have the dog sniff out collectables.
  • Issues with the Autumn and Christmas free store sets.
  • Issue with the Fountain of Youth.
  • Possible issue with the pet shop items.

Issues with Appaloosa Plains

  • No change outfit option on Sim in AP.
  • Generating bartender missions for the parks; which don’t have bars.
  • Default bathroom layouts don’t accommodate dog.
  • Default house layouts cause path issues.

Miscellaneous Issues

  • Silhouette Pictures in wishes and queue.
  • Horse Gnomes don’t stop spawning.
  • Upgrade to water trough to ‘automatically refill’ has resulted in a non removable puddle.
  • Items from other EPs are missing. [Solution – EA is aware and working on the issue].
  • Chewed up items seem fine after reloading but the can’t be replaced or chewed up again.
  • Mix-up between dying Sim and pet.
  • Sims gets stuck on the riding motion.
  • Clock is running very fast on normal.
  • Pet Shop cannot be found in-game.
  • Sim never got certificate for mastering riding skill.
  • Visitors are stealing pets after visiting.


Make sure your Origin is up-to-date [if you’re using it]. The current version is ‘ – 108188‘. If your Origin is not at that version and you are not prompted an update, you will need to uninstall and get the newest version here.

Here’s some things you can try: ERROR: Game Crashes (CTD)

DEP Information

If you are experiencing crashes after load screen or after a few minutes of game play, it’s most likely a DEP problem. The game has now a new .exe file in your base game folder. Make sure to add the following new files to your DEP:

  • TS3W.EXE in your base game\bin folder.

Installation Code Issue

For people with the limited edition there seems to be an issue with the codes getting switched. The code on the red paper is your installation code. The code on the white paper that says it’s for pets is actually your limited content redemption code.
Problems with the downloadable Store content.

MAC Users

I’m not too familiar with Mac computers so if anyone who got answers to those who uses a MAC feel free to drop a comment or a few. Thanks.

EA says they are working on a few problems but it will be at least two weeks.

Things to try

  • FAQ: Delete your Cache Files.
  • Move your family out and back in.
  • Reset the Sim.
  • Move your Sims to a new town.

Mods & Hacks

It’s okay to use them, but please, educate yourself about them. There are many mods that conflict with each other and there are many mods that will be outdated with every patch.

Some of the mods need to be uninstalled, but in a special way but it will always tell you in the mod description if that is the case. So PLEASE read them and DO what it says.

Broken CC Objects

Many objects that have slots seem to be broken (actually the slots are). This is an issue that has nothing to do with EA…exactly, so If you want to know more about this issue or have some extra info, please use this thread: Slots broken on all CC, except store stuff

  • Please check TSR for a fix by clicking here.
    • As of Oct. 27th this tool will no longer work if you haven’t downloaded it. You need to download a 3rd party demo to get a .dll you will need for the TSR tool but from now on, that .dll is no longer included in the demo.

If you have your Store content installed any other way than by downloading from the EA site and installing through your launcher then you will need to re-download the stuff from your purchase history and install again through the launcher. Otherwise the Store fix is not working. Also, if you ‘acquired’ your Store stuff through any other means, don’t bother asking for help, buy it.


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  1. I have had a problem twice now where a dog chews up a newspaper, causing it to disappear, but my sims still get a negative environment moodlet even though the paper is ‘gone’. The moodlet cannot be resolved, as there is no way to clean up the invisible/nonexistent newspaper. The newspaper is sometimes visible if I scroll over the lot quickly, but I cannot interact it with, either through a sim or in buy/build mode. The moveobjects cheat doesn’t help, and I cannot bulldoze the surface under the newspaper. The only solution seems to be moving the family out of the property.

  2. This design is spectacular! You certainly know how to keep
    a reader amused. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost.
    ..HaHa!) Great job. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more
    than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

  3. Okay so when ever I’m playing sims 3 pets and I click on my horse the picture in the bottom right beside wishes will always stay there like when I click on one of my sims the horses picture will still be on the it won’t go away. Do you have a solution for that?

  4. I took my mare to the equestrian center to breed, it began having its foal, but now it won’t stop. The screen keeps saying it’s having another foal…there have been like 20 now!!! I can’t get it to stop.

  5. I adopt my horse as a foal, then when I get it, it is an adult. Also it says my horse has 27 days before it ages, but it turns into an elder after 1 day. And my Rottweiler dog keeps turning into a smaller dog and then back. PLEASE HELP!

  6. So i have a new problem i found XD and i skimed through and i didnt see it but when your playing and no matter what pet it seems you have that you can control, it stays on that pet. you can still control your sims but for example. i have two sims and a hourse, I’m filling my sim’s needs and then i go over to the horse so i can control the hourse and fill its needs but when i click to go back to the sims it wont let me see the anything but the hourses needs. is there any way to make that go away? Help! please and thanks!

    • Omg! I have noticed this too. And it is only when you adopt them. I’ve been all over Google trying to find a solution :/

    • I’m having the same problem. I go to my dog and fill it’s needs then I go back to the sim but I can’t really control them. The image of my dog stays even when switching to my sim and I can’t access things like the sim’s career. I need help!

  7. A glitch I’ve seen recently, probably patch related is when my sim asks the unicorn to join the household, he will but then the stats menus and current sim display pic is stuck on the unicorn’s info

  8. “The Sims 3 Pets: List of Glitches, Bugs, Errors [With Some Solutions]
    | Asilee Sims” truly got me personally addicted on
    ur website! I actuallywill certainly be returning alot more
    frequently. With thanks -Barb

  9. I was playing last night and everything was normal but when I turned on the game today both of my dogs disappeared. I could still play the two dogs I just couldn’t see where they were. Is there anyway to fix this glitch.

  10. my cat was on fire then my sim put it out but now when i click the cat it says no interactions available and idk wht to do

  11. Hi, I have sims 3 pets with supernatural, and when I go to make a horse, or one runs across my lot, the game freezes then the screen darkens and starts flashing… The only way to make it stop is to force shutdown my computer. This happen every time i try.

    • Reinstall your game, if it doesn’t work go to options then advanced demography settings and deselect horses, then go to edit town and remove all horses from families, another option is to, if your game is original, refund it and buy another, or simply go to the store and ask them to swap disks. If it’s a download, download it again( other files).

  12. Has there been a solution yet for the sims 3 pets glitch where the pets are all stretched out ????

  13. ok here is my problem whenever I put pets on my computer and go on the game the pets are…deformed and have like spikes coming of every body part its wierd and ruins the whole gameplay also if the game runs for a while with pets it freezez and the screen goes to emergency mode or somin i have took pets off now but would like it if i had a way of fixing the problem to put it back on…plz help

  14. I adopted a dog and now the social worker is glitched outside my house and i cant travel? What do i do. I cant even move and i saved the game before i noticed the lady so no i cant restart it, now what…..

  15. I didn’t see this one on here yet but my issue is anytime i want to do anything with horses mainly trying to adopt my computer freezes up and I have to restart every time. It’s really kinda frustrating any advice?

    • This happens to me every time too, its so frustrating anything to do with horses and sometimes other pets as well my computer freezes and the screen begins to flash a dark blue I too have to restart the game every time this happens, but resetting it doesn’t help. It happens every time. Not happy at all. please help!

  16. Hi so i was playing my sims 3 and all of a sudden the father and the one son disappeared. the mother and the other son are visable but not the others. i have exited the game a few times and this problem is still occuring. Please help me

  17. I’m having issues with my horse not being able to play with it’s ball. I have moved the ball all around the yard and still it’s says it can’t play with it. How do I fix it???

  18. I told my cat to use the scratching post/bed, and after a while i told her? to stop but she didnt. The action had an the “X” sighn on it but she continued to scratch! I then forwarded the time to see if she would stop but no. The only way to get her to stop was by usinh the Transmorgify Karma Power, but then i would lose her skills, jobs, etc. and i really dont wanna redo her. Is there any other way for me to avoid this? Please help! And im on Xbox 360

    • Press the buttons Ctrl+Shift+C to get to the in game editor bar. It’ll be a dark gray bar at the top of the screen and the game will be paused. Enter the phrase “resetsim” followed by the cat’s name. So it should look like this: resetsim Cat Jones. You have to use the first and last name for it to work. Then your cat should end up standing next to the scratching post ready for new actions! You can use that on any sim with no adverse effects. Also, I recommend reading the Sims Wiki; it has a ton of great info, tips, and ways to make the game more fun. Hope this helps!! 🙂

  19. Im having an issue with adopting a pet off the computer and now a couple sim days later they havent come with the pet, i cant move the family, cant go into edit town or anything. ive alread tried resetting the sims hasnt worked. Can anyone help me???
    oh and i have no CC just the stuff off the site

  20. Hey I adopted a kitten on the sims3 pets Xbox 360 and since I got it my sims don’t seem to like it they argue stomp and everything around my kitten I want to get rid of it but I can’t. Wanna help me

  21. I need help I can’t seem to change my unicorns horn or beard when I go to edit saddle, as well as my cooking skill is all glitched, even if i have a level 10 all they can cook is salad and waffles, when they read the cook books they reset themselves and its as if they never read the book. Please help!

  22. I tried adopting a kitten from the shelter and got as far as naming her. She never showed up and its been like 2 months in Sim time. I’ve tried reseting every sim including the cat (using the name I gave her), uninstalling and reinstalling and nothing has worked. PLEASE HELP! I bought this game solely for the pet aspect. Thanks!

    • well my dear i have the same issue. except i havent even gotten the pet. i had another family that did this and had no problem. i cant figure it out. but at least i know uninstalling n whatnot is not gunna work, but i still dont have any idea what to do

  23. So.. Somehow ,my game fixed its’ self.. strange.. but then my computer got a horrible virus.. had my dad’s friend install something that fixed my computer. but when i tried to play it ,it just froze ,I hit escape and it closed.. Help?

  24. Guys i have a problen its a little one, when a fire breaks out in my household then its put put my sims are stuck in running mode, i tried resetting the sims sending them to different places, cutting my system off, i tried everything its for the xbox 360

  25. I’m having trouble when your in CAS or CAP in this case. Whenever I click CAP my pet isn’t fluffy, well it is but the top coat is almost transparent and the face is almost black. I don’t know if other people are having this problem but I know I am. Is there anyway this could be fixed? :/

  26. I am having problems with any of the furniture that i have from the exchange….with counters sinks or plates will go right through them, with beds the sims that sleep in them will be stuck in the sleeping position until reset, and with tubs if the pets play with them they will be transported to some wierd place of the map until they are reset….I am very irritated right now with a plate of rotting food that I can’t get to in the kitchen, and the counter can’t be deleted in buy mode because of it….How can this be corrected?

  27. Ok something really retarded that should be fixed is the creation mode glitches for sims 3 pets for xbox 360, I have the same family saved twice one for creation and one without but for instance with creation mode activated the sims will get up to wash dishes and appears in the park or the sound for when you pet loves the sims forever plays over n over again.

  28. I saved and quit right before the unicorn was about to leave (5am). When I came back in the game, the unicorn was still there, but wasn’t moving at all, it stayed there for a couple days, so I did “testing cheats enabled true” and deleted the unicorn. I once tried to adopt it with the cheat, but then I couldn’t edit the saddle to save it. I figured another unicorn would appear eventually, am I right? Or should I try adopting it again? I really don’t want to start over with building all the pets relationship. This is the fourth time I’m doing it, and there’s always a lag when I almost got it! -_- I just want to save the damn unicorn for future games lol

    • Hi, if you want to adopt again but the relationship is low , it is possible to use the testingcheatsenabled true cheat to improve relationships immediately (or make the enemies, whatever) If you enter that long cheat I am not typing out again!! You can slide up the relationships bar. Steps: 1. Enter the cheat. 2. Go to relationships menu. 3. Find the unicorn in the menu. 4.Slide it up to top if you want and do what you want to do with the unicorn.

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