The Sims 3: Bad CC – How to Find it and How to Get Rid of It

What’s the problem ?
There are a lot of CC out there, some in Sims3Packs, some are Packages. Quite a few of those are faulty. Some cause Blue lots, some slow your game down and some can even crash it. For this, Delphy wrote the Dashboard for packages and Clean Installer (aka Custard) for Sims3Packs (with custard you have to check every single sims3pack before you install). Since those errors are mostly seen in packages and only a few that got converted into sims3packs, I think this part is covered.

There is another type of bad CC: Cloths and Accessory that are categorized for the wrong gender or age. This will result in stretched babies and sims, invisible babies, guys with breasts, floating hats or cut-off feet. Since most of those are Sims3Packs which get distributed with houses and sims, it’s really hard to check beforehand and you will only realize that you do have something faulty, when you get the error in your game. Since the game chooses randomly which outfit to select for your sims, you could have a bad download in your game for weeks without even realizing.

What can I do to avoid the problem ?

The Sims 3 is considered one of the most popul...

Check ALL your sims3Packs that are houses, Simscloth or accessory with Custard and see what the cloth and accessory are categorized for. You will see a some letters in brackets. b = baby, p = toddler, c = child, t = teen, y = young adult, a = adult, e = elder, f = female, m = male. No download should ever be categorized for babies. Cloth should only be this combinations (or any subset): p, c, t, yae. Some cloth should only be for females (especially tops) others only for male. I did find some that are categorized for both and seemed fine. Accessory is a little different. Some works fine for toddlers, others have some strange effects. There does not seem to be a rule of thumbs for those. Keep them in mind. Custard is still in Alpha Stage so I advise against changing anything with it. Makeup, etc is ok if it’s categorized for toddlers (not sure about babies).

What can I do if you have the problem
Go through my list to see if you have any of those. They are mostly Sims3Packs, so you find them in your Launcher. Uninstall (it’s not gone if you just delete the Download) and then delete the download.

If it’s not on the list, take the faulty Sim into CAS (use MasterController if is a baby) and see if it’s one that you remember downloading. If it’s a baby and you see the Accessory Icon showing up, it’s an accessory (babies usually don’t have the symbol). If it’s a package, take a picture in CAS and delete the file. If not, take a picture and see if you can find it in your launcher. Again take a picture. Post both pictures in this thread for me to add to my list. If you don’t find it, post the CAS picture and I see if I can find it somewhere.

What are those numbers in your list ?
When you install a Sims3Packs the package file which it contains is unpacked into your DCBackup folder. When you uninstall your stuff, the file in this folder is not automatically deleted. Do that manually by deleting the files reference in the list.

I can’t uninstall in my Launcher, cause it sucks
Yeah. No idea here. You could empty your whole DCCache folder but then all is gone.

I found one that’s not on the list while checking my downloads
Provide me with the link to the DL (even if it’s a house or a sim). I will check it and add it to my list.

I looked at a download with Custard and it said Naked there. Will it make my sim naked ?
No. If a cloth is categorized for Naked this just means it can be worn while taking a shower. It has nothing to do with the NKD cloth floating around that make your sim walk around naked. Those are normal cloth that show everything.

I got a new skin tone in my game. Where did that come from ?
Non-default skin tones are always package files and unfortunately the come with Sims. They don’t show in Custard and the only way to get rid of them is finding the Sim that has them and uninstall those.

Also those files could be fixed by now but since most of them are Sims3Packs they are still unfixed ones are still floating around in houses and Sims.

Wrongly categorized stuff

– Accessoire hat from RoseSim (Accessory, page 10, 2).
Filename: rose_sims3_Acceearing43_pfpm.package.
Your game will be flickering if you zoom out.

See this List: Categorized for Children/Toddlers/Babies – List

Causes freezing since AMB – Some might already been fixed.
Generally everything that was cloned from the tissue box seems to be a problem.

– Bathroom Clutter in Rose
– Useless Objects
– Getting messy
– Decorative guitars from The Land of Woe

Crahes the game since AMB
– Fridge from this set (Vita Sims)
– Parts of Dolormite Kitchen –> fixed

Blue lot files floating around as Sims3Packs:

– Plants by Lemoncandy
– Jefferson-Living-Set by VitaSims
– Stuff by Stylist Sims

– StylistSims Bedroom o1 Plant
– StylistSims Bedroom o3 Vase
– StylistSims Bedroom o2 Plant
– StylistSims Bedroom 01 rug (0x790811b23f6c5bb1422bb063f8c1af37.package)

– Ceiling Halogen Spot (0xcd000424876c7a4e7444159eabeb3c45.package)
– SimPossible Plant
– Wood Gothic Bedroom –> the Pentacle inside

Identified by Dashboard as Bad CC

– Newsea Rabbit Ear accessory
– noxeen_ladygaga-origami-suit.sims3pack
– TSR keram25s Long &Straight (fixed, might still be around in the bad version)

Tight arms
TSR JuttaPonath

– JP17 Silk Nightie
– JP52 Satin Nightie
– JP53 Satin Nightie
– JP65 Satin Dress
– JP66 Satin Dress

TSR Sims2sisters

– S2S Sports Wear

TSR Simromi

– Simromi_tf_asymmetrical_one_piece_bikini
– Simromi_tf_symmetrical_one_piece_bikini

More TSR
– KatelyS FS30 RetroSpective set
– Hasel Nike Sportsware
– Collection Blondes
– S2S Disco Dress

– Japanese Kimono von Fortuna

Problems with mapping and Alpha-Channel stuff:

– Guess Jeans for Men by LianaSims3
– Shoes001 by RoseSim –> fixed. Get new version
– Flower Sandels by LianaSims3
– noxeen_valentino-highheelrosesandals (Shoes by TurkSims3)

Plain and simple badly done stuff

– Donation Bedroom Set by Peggy –> Actions look strange
– “]Probably anything by Ireveles18 –> cut ankles, lines or completely separated joints

To get rid of a certain DL you have to uninstall it from the Launcher (not just delete the download) and also delete the corresponding Package-File in the DCBackup folder (numbers provided as far as I know them). To help you find them in the Launcher check the picutres and the mames on my list. If it’s a pacakge file, delete the file and your Cache-Files as well as described at MTS.

There are a few problems around:
– The Doll –> Check this thread for that: SERIOUS HIDDEN AND CORRUPT CC in your Game. Not answering any doll questions. Please ask in the linked thread.
– Monster Sims/ Deformed Toddlers/ cut ankles and stick Babies: List linked above. Usually it’s adult cloth that is categorized for babies, toddlers and children or female stuff that is also categorized for male.
– Sims taking showers in cloth: Those are cloth that are categorized for the ‘naked’ state. See list above. There are a few tattoos that were made this way. I won’t list those.
– Crashing/ Freezing: Hard to tell. Have to be tried out one by one. Some are on my crazytown list
– Blue Lotting, bad CC, conflicts, duplicates and Sims 2 content: Can be found with Delphys Dashboard or Custard. Since those are mainly package files which don’t get packed with houses, I will not put them on my list. Use the tools available. I do have some that I know got converted to Sims3packs on my list.
– Tight Arms: This is caused by an error TSR Workshop had. Some are on my list.
– Mapping Errors: Parts of shoes show on cloth or sim is all blue or green. Some are on my list.
– Messed up hair: Not documenting those (yet).

If you do find anything that is not on my list yet, please provide a CAS picture (especially that blue chooser window on the left hand side) and one where an adult sim is wearing it so one can see it clearly. Upload your faulty Sim to the exchange or provide a link to a Sim that has the stuff. Put the link in this thread here. Please write in your description on the exchange that it has bad CC in it and was just uploaded for testing purposes. Delete after I tell you I downloaded the Sim.

If you do know where it’s from please also provide a link to it and inform the creator about the problem.

For Mac users and those who can’t download from MTS, use the method:

There is another way you can do it without custard.

All your downlaods are in the DCCache folder. The store items are in the files with *.ebc, the other are in *.dbc files.

Before you install anything from the exchange (always use save file and not download to game) remove all the *.dbc and *.ebc files from your DCCache folder (put them somewhere save for this is all your installed stuff).
Also remove all files from the DCBackup folder (you don’t actually need them but if you want to keep them, save them somewhere)

Now you install a sims3pack and check the launcher to see what’s in it. Since you removed everything else, that what’s in the sims3pack you just installed.

If your happy with it, put the sims3pack in ‘to be installed’ folder or something like that. Delete the ones that have bad stuff in them (I would not bother with those).

After every sims3pack you installed, you delete the *.dbc files from your DCCache folder and all package files from DCBackup so you will have nothing bad in them.

When you checked everything just put the original files from DCCache back and install the ones that are save.

This method won’t help you find new bad CCs but with my list you can at least omit the ones that are known.

EDIT: If you have troubles with your launcher it’s probably best to also start the game and check for it there.

Corrupt CC can crash your game, slow it down and maybe cause your launcher not to work properly.


5 comments on “The Sims 3: Bad CC – How to Find it and How to Get Rid of It

  1. Hi Asilee!

    I’m sorry to dig up a year long post but after finding it a very useful read I would like your opinion on a performance issue I’m having.

    – My Sims 3 is vers. with all expansions up to Katy Perry (v.
    – My computer is a new intel i7 with 8GB ram, plenty of free HD, nvidia gtx660 ti, win7 (about 2 months old)

    The issue: game loads fine, pretty quick loading times and all runs smooth until I view/browse a big catalog with plenty of items (for example the world adventures catalog) then the lag kicks in. Specially when I try to use the Create-a-style tool, the game becomes very slow and choppy and I need to quit and relaunch it.

    First I thought it must be the CC files I use. So I cleaned everything out, got rid of duplicates, corrupt files, conflicting files, patterns that are packed wrong and processed all the rest with Dashboard, Custard, re-packaged them with S3pe, used decrapify.exe and s3rc.exe

    No luck. Same issues (although load times where significantly increased)

    So I removed all my CC, cleaned out all the cache files and basically ended up with a clean as possible installation (following several guides around on how to achieve this). Ran the game, and it still happens.

    All is fine until I browse any big collection catalog like world adventures or similar, the lag starts showing (moving around, zooming in and out) and if I dare to just click on the create-a-style tool icon it’s game over.

    Any thoughts on this? After trying almost every possible tool, tutorial or guide on the web regarding package lag and game performance I’m getting pretty frustrated.

    Thanks for running this cool and helpful blog!

  2. Hey, my newborn baby girls look basically like Laffy Taffy, I had thought it might have been some Lady Gagaish shoes I put in, I removed them and then poof problem was gone…I played today and the Laffy Taffy babies are back and it is only girls, any thoughts on what it could be?

  3. I have a list of ba clothing, I got the log number from CAS using master controller but couldn’t find any of them in the dcbackup folder. Any suggestions? I’m so frustrated because I know exactly what is causing glitches but I can’t figure out how to delete them.

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