The Sims 3: How I Fixed Error Code 16

You know, I can be a stubborn gamer and this time, my stubbornness paid off. Today was the first day I received that dreadful ‘error 16’ error. I had just came back from Al Simhara, Egypt and I wanted to save the moment I got home. Well, I went to save and that stupid message came up. I was thinking “Oh no, not this crap!”. So I went to Google and searched for how people fixed the ‘error code 16′ and the results were saying that I should ‘save as‘ and name it something totally different. Well I did that and it still didn’t work. Nothing was working until I was doing a search and a message on my desktop popped up. A light switch came on in my head — it’s been a long time since that happened but I digress. The message was saying that I’m running out of space on C:\ and that I need to make room.  This is around the same time The Sims 3 is trying to save my game so I went to work. I first went back into the game and hit Save and Quit just for the hell of it — because if this doesn’t work, I won’t play any more for a while. Then I proceed to clean things off of my computer. I…

  1. Deleted files, pictures off of my desktop.
  2. Went through my documents and deleted things there.
  3. Moved files that I wanted to keep to a bigger hard drive.
  4. Emptied my recycle bin. (There was so much crap in there – about a years worth of stuff.)

I went back into the game and waited. Not expecting for it to save, but it did. I didn’t have to delete anything out of the Sims Saves’ folder, I didn’t have to remove any mods (not that I have any). I simply had to clean off the hard drive that has my save game on there. None of my games are installed on the same hard drive as my OS but the games I play save where the OS is saved.


I’m not sure this will fix everyone’s issue but it fixed mine and I just wanted to spread the word. I hope this helps anyone in the future. Trust me, it didn’t make sense to me either when I first tried it but anything is better than starting over right?

I Also Fixed…

You know when you go to World Adventures and it freezes but you can still see the world moving and your plumbob above your head is still spinning but you’re frozen? Well, I had this issue until I upgraded my processor. I had the first AMD Quad-core(9500) and when I upgraded to a faster and recent processor, things are running better. Who knew…

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9 comments on “The Sims 3: How I Fixed Error Code 16

  1. I’m so glad that it worked out for you! Sadly, I keep getting the error and it isn’t because I need to clear some space as I have over 600GB left 😦 It went away for a little while, I started a fresh game and was able to save about 5 times and then, ahhh! it was back 😦

  2. I can’t believe it was that simple to fix. Thankyou Asilee. Not only am I naming my next newborn sim after you, Im also going to bookmark your site.

  3. Like the others, I received an Error 16 message and googled to see if there was any way of saving my beloved Sim family. I deleted a bunch of my pictures sitting around on my hard drive and transferred them to a picture hosting site. I tried saving again and it worked! Thank you soooo much! I’m going to name my witch Sim’s first baby after you. 😉

  4. My GOD! Something that worked! I would offer to name my pregnant Sim’s child after you but someone beat me to it XD

  5. I will try this. If it does work I will Honor you forever and remember this blog and make a family and you will be the main Character!

  6. Omg… deleted all my photos that I didn’t need and some other stuff and it worked. You are a genius. My sim is currently pregnant. The baby is being named after you 🙂

    • I am honored to be named after your Sim. I am also very happy that this has helped you. Happy Simming Aly!

  7. OMG… ur amazing 🙂
    Im an addicted simmer and I was playin and I just finished decorating a house I worked my butt off for and the error code 16 thing came up, i got pissed and went to google and searched it up then ur blog came up, so i did what u said and it worked 😀

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