The Sims 3: Graphics and Performance Guide

To get to the screen you just have to look for the button in the corner that have 3 dots, (…). Push it and go to “Options.”

The first options page is entitled “Graphics”…

Screen Settings

Enable Full-screen mode: All of you out there will want to leave this box always checked. The Sims 3 run quite well without full-screen mode on. You could theoretically play Sims 3 while browsing Facebook or chatting on MSN, but your Sims demand your complete attention so we recommend playing full-screen.

Screen Size: I recommend you set this to the native resolution of your computer monitor. Basically, the higher the better looking the game will be, but each higher resolution will bring a substantial performance penalty.

The most common resolution for recent and popular 22″ LCD monitors is 1680×1050. If you have an older CRT monitor, your largest may be 1280×1024. If you have 24″ LCD, then you may be able to play at 1920×1080, or 1920×1200. However if you don’t have a very fast video card, I recommend playing at 1680×1050, even if your computer monitor is capable of more. If the game is too slow for you at 1680×1050, The Sims 3 game stills looks pretty good at 1280×1024 , and will run faster at this setting. However I do not recommend playing on any resolution lower than 1280×1024.

Screen Refresh Rate: Just leave this on the default, “Default.” It’ll will not change your performance at all if you have lower-end hardware.

Object Hiding and Reflections

Enabling Object Hiding

Game’s description: Hides objects on inactive floors.

When it’s on, your FPS or Frames Per Second may be a bit low. When it’s off, your FPS will be higher.

Notes: This setting seemed more dependent on available system RAM than it did the video card being used. If you have less than 2 GB in Vista, it might default to being off. The setting is quite noticeable in larger houses, with multiple floors.

Enabling Reflections

Game’s description: Enables reflections in mirrors.

When its your FPS may be a bit low. When it’s off your FPS may be pretty high depending on the graphics card.

Notes: All in all if your computer can handle it, I suggest you leave it on because what’s a mirror without a reflection? If your FPS drop significantly when cut on its best to leave it off.

Animation Smoothing and Rendering [Advanced]

Enabling Animation Smoothing

Game’s description: Enable smoother animation playback on fast machines.

The FPS for this one may not be that much of a difference so you can leave this one on. If your GC can take it that is. You should always check and see the system requirements for the games you play because often times your graphics card may not be compatible.

Notes: If anything this feature relies more on the CPU [processor] more than the card. Check and make sure you have the required — well at least the minimum requirements as far as CPU is concerned.

Enabling Advance Rendering

Game’s description: Enable full use of 2.0+ shaders. It basically changes the way the game look and feel-textures and lighting wise.

Again, depending on your graphics card and CPU you may get different results, try testing each setting out and see how it varies.

Notes: When it’s on the FPS is greater than it is if it was off. So take that into consideration. If your graphics card is older though, you may not be able to use this feature.

Edge Smoothing

Enabling Edge Smoothing

Game’s Description: Higher degrees of anti-aliasing make edges appear softer.

When its off your FPS will be much much higher than it is if it was on. When its set to low your FPS may change slightly when its on medium it will change a significantly as well as on high. Again this is all based on your graphics cards capabilities.

Notes: The higher the setting, the more your graphics card have to work. If you don’t want jagged lines around edges, then cut on and set it to low at first see how it goes.

Visual Effects

Enabling quality

Game’s description: Controls the quality of particle effects on objects, Sims, and the town.

This feature basically makes your game look more realistic. When you’re tweaking these settings take a look at your surroundings [look at the ocean waves] and you’ll see a significant change from Low to High.

Notes: There won’t be too much of a change with this feature being set to low or to high. There really isn’t much change. You probably won’t even notice the change besides the size of the ocean waves. Just set it to medium.

Lighting, Tree Detail and Shadows

Controlling lighting and shadows

Game’s description: Control of lighting and shadows.

If you have a fairly decent graphics card the FPS won’t bother you none with this feature set to medium or to high. The FPS will only change but so little.

Notes: When set to low there are little to no shadows medium there are more and on high their are harder, sharper edges but not much a difference between that and medium. Medium is your best bet if you aren’t picky but there really isn’t much of a difference between setting on high or to medium.


Game’s description: Tweak the distance at which trees and shrubs become visible.

This is another feature in which the FPS won’t change much. It won’t hurt to check and see for yourself.

Notes:Don’t put this on low unless you really want horrible looking trees. When its set to high the trees of course look much much better than on medium. Medium will be a nice balance to keep your FPS above 40.

High Detailed Lots & Draw Distance

Enabling visuals and high quality lots

Game’s description: Controls how much of the town you can see.

Your FPS won’t change that much whether its on high or low. Depending on your graphics card.

Notes: This setting controls what extent the game will detail objects and rooms when zoomed out. On low, some objects, such as the windows will be taken out. On medium, all objects are always drawn in, even when zoomed out. On high, lighting effects are also always on, no matter how much you are zoomed out. Going with high doesn’t seem to make too much more of a demand from your video card, and the lighting effects look unnatural when they disappear and reappear when zooming if not set to high.

Detailed Lots Set to High

Game’s description: Adjust the number of nearby lots that render at high detail.

This setting is probably more dependent on your available system RAM. The amount of high detail lots you use mostly comes into play when you are in city mode, looking through the town.

Notes: There is a big difference between the appearance of the high detail outside model of a lot, then the low detail model. But the big catch is that for about 95%-99% of your time spent playing The Sims 3, you are going to be only focused on one lot at a time. Even if you have three Sims in three different locations [say,  the gym, pool and home], you are able to switch between them fast enough that you won’t even have much time to notice the lots surrounding your Sim. That is why, for those of you on the playable performance threshold, we recommend going with 1.

Sim and Texture Detail

Tweaking Texture Detail

Game’s description: Adjust the level of ground and object texture detail.

Of course, depending on your graphics card and your processor FPS may vary, but not too much.

Notes: It’s been a tribute to EA that in order to make The Sims 3 accessible to a large audience they did two entire different texture models for the game: high detail, and low detail. The medium setting uses the high-end models, but only lacks some extra rendering that comes with High. The details are hard to notice on high.

For more guides, visit the ‘Guides’ category under ‘The Sims’.

A quick note on CPU requirements: if you have a dual-core system, or a single machine at around 3 GHz, you should be fine for The Sims 3. If you have less than this, or are only meeting the minimum memory requirements [1GB for XP, 1.5GB for Vista] then you can expect to  suffer sub-par and choppy performance at times

E.A was smart to make the Sims 3 accessible to a extremely wide range of hardware. It seems almost an understated part of the The Sims series’ massive success: with such low hardware requirements, people who otherwise might not be PC gaming fans have the chance at playing one of the most inventive and fun titles of the year.

We hope this guide, and our recommended settings, will help you have a smooth — and good looking — The Sims 3 gaming session.

To get to the screen you just have to look for the button in the corner that have 3 dots, (…). Push it and go to “Options.”

The first options page is entitled “Graphics”…

Recommended Settings

Enable Object Hiding: Off
Enable Reflections: On
Edge Smoothing: Low
Visual Effects: Medium
Lighting and shadows: Medium
Tree Detail: Medium
Enable Animation Smoothing: On
Enable Advanced Rendering: Off
Draw Distance: High
High Detail Lots: 1
Texture Detail: Medium
Sim Detail: Low

If these settings give you more a really smooth playing game, and you are wanting to sacrifice some frames-per-second for higher visual quality, the first thing we recommend trying is turning on Enable Advanced Rendering. After that, you might want to try raising the Sim Detail level.

Furthermore, if you have a slower than average process [a single core system, for example], you should turn off Animation Smoothing. If you have a low amount of available RAM [1GB in XP, or 1.5GB in Vista] and are suffering low performance, you’ll definitely want to keep the High Detail Lots at 1 and consider turning on Object Hiding.

If you’re having technical problems, errors, glitches, and bugs in your game click here


The Sims 3 Ambitions Traits Guide

The Sims 3 Ambitions Traits Guide

Born Salesman

Born salesmen sell their wares for more than normal sims and quickly build good reputations at the Consignment Store .


Everyday situations gain dramatic results from dramatic sims. At this point in the gaming experience, it is hard to tell how this trait differs from the excitable trait, but I’m guaranteeing it involves some amusing sim sounds and weird facial expressions.


An important trait for inventor sims, the ‘Eccentric’ trait boosts abilities in the field of building gizmos and whatchamacallits.

Eco- Friendly Sims

Your sims may not board a Japanese Whaling Boat and tell its captain that he’s under citizen’s arrest, but they will recycle, conserve energy, and ‘live green’. (Which is a great deal easier in a world powered by electricity from another dimension.)


Perceptive sims are good at perceiving things and therefore make excellent detectives. An important trait to choose if you want your sim to be any good at the investigator career.

Savvy Sculptor

Much as it sounds, savvy sculptors are good at sculpting. Ye gods, its like the Sims developers weren’t even trying when they came up with that one.

The Sims 3 Ambitions: Lifetime Rewards Guide

The Sims 3 Ambitions: Lifetime Rewards Guide

Pervasive Private Eye

Solve 35 cases on the job in the Investigator Profession.

For a private eye there is nothing more satisfying than putting together the clues to solve the mystery, which is why you’ll need to solve just 35 cases in order to achieve your life’s work. Don’t follow in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes too quickly though, the man was troubled in spite of his brilliant reputation.

Descendent of Da Vinci

Master the Inventing Skill
Master the Painting and Sculpting Skills

Shun the offerings of the outside world and instead spend the days contemplating the canvas, and nights wooing images buried deep in the stone. I guess Da Vinci must have been a weird shut-in according to The Sims 3 historians, because your sim won’t often see the outside of the house in pursuit of this career.

Home Design Hotshot

Earn 100 top scores for jobs in the Architectural Design Profession.

Home is where the heart is, which I guess means that your Sim is pretty much a cardiac surgeon when they spend time redecorating the homes of other Sim’s. Make the walls purple and cover them in plaster casts of disembodied hands. That’s what Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen would do.

Paranormal Profiteer

Reach level 10 in the Ghost Hunter Profession

Specters, spirits, spooks or shades, putting stray ghosts to rest is a great feeling! At least, that’s what you’ll tell yourself as you’re wrenching ghosts from their chosen earthly haunting places.

Fashion Phenomenon

Reach level 10 in the Stylist Profession

Choosing a dramatic trait will help you become a fashion phenomenon. After all, it would be a crime if Sims with fine style and keen fashion sense were to utilize their gifts only for themselves. Being a shallow train wreck of a being is no longer stigmatized when you become a fashion phenomenon!

Monster Maker

Create 3 Monsters.

Is there anything more satisfying in this world than creating a shambling beast designed to strike terror into the hearts of innocent bystanders and simple village folk? I think not. As The Sims 3 puts it, whether crafted through mystical, laborical or convergent methods occult creations are wondrous achievements for Sims. Also, playing God, heck yeah!

Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law

Possess $50,000 of stolen goods.

Finally! Being a thief is actually worth it, or in other words, crime totally does pay in The Sims 3 Ambitions Expansion Pack. Whilst other sims were learning that hard work over long hours can be turned into Simoleans, your sims saw through the lie and hijacked everything they needed for a long and happy life.

Champs Les Sims, France Guide

Champs Les Sims, France Guide

Champs Les Sims, France is a travel destination introduced with The Sims 3 World Adventures. It’s the home of the new expansion skill, nectar making, with a countryside full of harvestables to gather. In fact, you can find nearly every new type of fruit offered by World Adventures here. Look to the plant list for information on finding these, as well as rare grapes. While there aren’t a lot of places to explore without following adventures, there’s a lot of treasure to be found in the old ruins and catacombs of this land.

French Shops

  • Bookstore: Recipes for Bouillabaisse, Cheese Plate, Frog Legs and Crepes are sold here. Additionally, you can learn the bait for Frogs, Crawfish, and Snails. There’s a nectar skill book sold here, but you probably should just stick with raising the skill the old-fashioned way than purchasing this. Additionally, you’ll find region-specific books for Sims to read.
  • Food Vendor: Chrimola Blan and Renoit Grapes are sold here. At the proper meal times, Sims can also find Crepes, Frog Legs, and Bouillabaisse.
  • General Goods: The only two special items here are the Kenspa scooter and Little Boy Soldier incense holder. The Kenspa is a pretty zippy way to get around and the incense holder helps improve romantic interactions.
  • Nectary: Nectar racks are sold for $550 and $1,200 Simoleons here. Nectar Makers cost a whopping $1,500. Consider paying for the most expensive rack as it ages nectars better. You may also want more than one Nectar Maker.

Adventures in France

A Trivial Affair
This is the opener for France, and can lead you to your first Signet and the Forgotten Burial Mound (Celtic Ruins). It’s an adventure you’ll probably drop first, and getting it out-of-the-way is good because it helps to open up bigger, better things later. If your Sim is adventurous, completing this chain will be enough work to allow them to reach Visa Level 1. Also, you can find the Signet of the King’s Burial Ground along the way.

The Search Begins
This Chain will lead your Sim to Chateau du Landgraab for the first time. It’s an important part of adventuring in France because several other quests will take you there. You’ll gradually unlock more and more of the mansion as you proceed. This chain is great and awards an awesome amount of VISA points for the time taken.

The New Nectar Machine
This adventure chain sends your Sim after Titanium, and whether you complete the entire chain it’s worth pursuing it. All titanium on the map will be revealed, and you can grab some extra money by collecting more than you need to complete it.

Landgraab I: Kidnapper?
A good chain that leads to two locations at Chateau du Landgraab. It’ll unlock another significant portion of the “tomb” and provides the opportunity to get unlimited gold, as you’ll be given an adventure to collect some on the third step, which allows you to gather more than you need. Chateau Crawl leads to the side entrance of the estate, which clears the rest of it. The final section can only be accessed by starting an adventure chain in China.

Trouble at the Museum
This adventure chain will lead your Sim to the Museum Catacombs under La Gallerie d’Art. The place seems to be explorable without this adventure, but if you’re going to tackle it anyway, you should pick this up to snag some VISA points for your Sims. It will also show some treasure to be found at the cemetery which can be quite valuable.

Surveying the Property
Take this to gain access to the secret garden, a small area which features no collectible relics but does offer some excellent treasure. I found a rainbow gem here worth $2,000 Simoleons.

More Like “Haunted Garden”
This comes after surveying the property, but may not be worth the effort. It will however show to you that it’s possible to get pomegranates in France. Look to the plant list for where to find them. The trouble is there is only one pomegranate tree available to harvest, so it may take several days’ vacation time to gather enough. It’s one you could remember to turn in later, after a trip to Egypt, where Pomegranates are sold by the food vendor.

Nectar Research Assistant Needed
This adventure begins a very long line that will lead your Sim deeper and deeper into the Nectary Cellars. It’s highly recommended as there are multiple French Sigils that are only accessible by doing this chain. Unfortunately, it does need a trip to Egypt to complete, meaning some travel time is involved, but it’s the only way to access the Tomb of Isael and the Tomb of Jean Necteaux. If you do this adventure after clearing some other tombs, it will be a very fast trip to Egypt that results in a Visa level increase for that destination. You could then choose to stay and try to get level two.

Tombs in France

Chateau du Landgraab
This massive mansion is probably the most difficult place to explore in the Sims 3 World Adventures, due to the large number of traps and sheer size. It’s easy to get lost, so I hope to help with the various puzzles that present themselves as you proceed through the adventures that unlock more and more of the estate. Thankfully, the Chateau behaves like a tomb and will gradually reveal rooms so it’s easier to tell where you’ve visited. Later trips become more challenging as you must skim around looking for the entrance to the next section.

The Lost Library of Landgraab
You’ll need to disarm traps to even enter the building through the back entrance. The hall with traps is in accessible at first. Look for an accessible doorway with a series of stairs. Your Sim will pass the oddly placed entrance to the Landgraab Cellars, which are only accessible through an adventure from China. Up top, you’ll find a relic for one of your collections. The only other area you can access at first is the library (near the front entrance of the house), using the keystone you were given upon accepting the adventure. Tip: Move the statue back, then over the floor trap to clear it. The papers are nearby, along with a couple of non-collection relics. The sparkles leading to the stereo should give you a clue that turning it on will disarm the traps blocking your Sim’s way.

The Groundskeeper’s Journal
Very easy. If your Sim already has a heart keystone they can enter the door out front of the shack outside the Chateau. It’s not worth skipping the stairs out back, which lead to a keystone and relic (non-collectible).

Chateau Crawl
Use your Keystone to the Landgraab Ballroom on the door to the right side of Chateau du Landgraab (if viewed from the front). Turning on the stereo inside will reveal panels where you should push the four statues in the center of the room. This not only allows progress to the second floor of the estate, but opens some shortcuts as well. Be sure to find the hidden door (an inspectable wall on the side opposite that of the staircase to the third floor), and look closely at surfaces for relics and other items which can be collected. A nice part about adventuring in the Chateau at this stage is that all your needs can be met without consuming any supplies. In the room with the hole and railing where you can see the first floor, look for a foot panel allowing you to proceed to a couple more scattered foot panels which eventually disarm the traps on the third floor. With that done, the second floor of the Chateau is completely clear. A small portion of the third is accessible now (the rest only with the Cellars keystone).

Signet of Le Chateau du Landgraab
For those looking to complete their French Tombs relic collection, know that the final area (cellars) is only accessible by doing the Knowledge of the Past adventure chain which begins in Shang Simla, China.

Forgotten Burial Mound 
Your Sim will be led here during the ‘A Trivial Affair’ Adventure Chain, which will likely be the first one you pursue in France. Inside you’ll find at least two random relics for your collection while you learn the basics of adventuring. You’ll need to clear rubble, push and pull statues, stand on floor switches, and inspect holes to make your way through. Remember that mourning at tombstones can also show hidden switches, holes and other mechanisms that may offer your Sim extra treasure. Be sure to look for hidden doors off the hedge ‘maze’ and the last room to collect more treasure and the Signet of the King’s Burial Ground.

Behind the mound, there’s a foot switch which reveals the Smuggler’s Cave. It’s a rather short and easy tomb that has its own Signet at the end. You don’t need any adventures to get this one, so it’s a side trip you can complete when your Sim has spare time. The other switch is only accessible with Pangu’s Axe. Smash the boulder to show a switch so your Sim can descend the other staircase. This is the Maze of the High Ruler tomb, and again has a Signet.

La Gallerie d’Art: Museum Catacombs
To gain entry to the catacombs, look to the hole in the wall on the first floor near the chinese artifacts. There’s a stairwell leading down there. The switch in the hole reveals a hidden door on the other side of the wall. If you’re stuck upon entry, try pulling the torch on the wall in the first room. Upon reaching the hall with three statues, pull the only movable statue off its floor plate, then push it to the other plate in the corner. This will unlock a door down the hall which allows you to collect the French Signet of the Museum Catacombs. It will also turn the original floor plate into a foot switch, allowing your Sim to get out and reach the last room. Look for another relic for your collection as your Sim leaves the tomb.

Nectary Cellar / Tomb of Isael / Tomb of Jean Necteaux
In order to get inside initially, you’ll need to search for the hidden door. The Nectar Research Assistant Needed Adventure must also be pursued to get progressively further in. Look for two hidden doors inside this place. The first is in the room with two large rocks, the second in the hall just before the room with the Nectar bottle you need. The second of these hides the French Signet of the Nectary Cellar. Once you’ve traveled to Egypt through the adventure chain, the Tomb of Isael will be unlockable via its keystone. Look for it on the pedestal in the center of the room once you’re told to re-inspect the three holes.

Your Sim will need to collect two heart keystones to bypass the traps near the entrance. Sure, you could use skeleton keystones but you’d miss the opportunity to collect a relic or two and open a couple of doors on the floor below. This place is massive, so I provided the map above to help you find hidden doors. Two can be revealed by flushing toilets. You’ll find a ton of opportunities for mummies in this tomb, toward the end. Find the hidden doors leading to the room at the top of the map, where your Sim can collect the French Signet of the Tomb of Isael relic. While the puzzle in the room near the end of the tomb can be solved by pulling the statue across the large room, then using it to break the traps, before the mummies appear, don’t as the staircase there is accessible during the Tomb of Jean Nexteaux, and if you do it can break the quest. While the other statues in the Tomb of Isael should be placed on the floor switches so your Sim has access to hidden doors in Necteaux, the one you come across just before the statue room puzzle should be pulled off, as it prevents collecting tresure in the Tomb of Jean Necteaux.

The Tomb of Jean Necteaux is finally unlocked during the Nectar Research Assistant adventure chain. It’s the last stop on the list. This tomb intertwines with that of Isael, so maps get very confusing quickly. You’ll eventually find a shortcut to the Tomb of Isael, to activate the doors in this tomb if necessary. The puzzle with all the foot switches is easily solved by finding the point where the statues’ gazes intersect. In the room with the jagged bridge and a statue that causes electric traps to appear, find a hidden door behind the traps. This passageway leads to another door and some rubble piles. You’ll find some treasure at the end of this path. Your Sim will eventually come to a path that intersects this with Isael’s Tomb again, allowing you to disable the traps that were blocking your way there. This leads to a sarcophagus that holds the Nectar Recipe you need, which also disables the floor traps. If you have a skeleton or star keystone check the hidden door behind the sarcophagus to get another relic. Head out and you’ll find the Signet of the Tomb of Jean Necteaux in a chest as you also show a shortcut out of the tomb.

Tuatha’s Garden: aka The Little Island in France
In order to reach this island without cheating or zeneport, you’ll need Pangu’s Axe. Smash the boulders at the place in the screenshot with the axe, and you’ll be greeted with one of the toughest tombs in the game. The first puzzle is tricky, and some have suggested you need a second Sim or a statue that can be assembled in that room. However, it can be accomplished easily by using the darkest green colored statue to activate two of the floor switches at once. It’s a whopper of a maze but the trek is largely worth it. There are probably a dozen plants you can harvest inside, including life plants, death flowers, and every variety of rare grape. I did find a couple of relic spawn locations inside. The place is also practically infested with butterflies, and your odds of flying a glowy fly on the real island are quite high. Once you’ve fully unlocked this tomb, you can revisit and look down to the bottom level for the dive well place, then proceed to return to the island for more collecting attempts.

To find the French Signet of Tuatha’s Garden, look near the two money trees after your Sim has gone through the dive well. There is a camouflaged floor plate near some green foliage that reveals a hidden door and a staircase. The treasure chest in the floor below has the Signet.

The Sims 3: Create a World Rabbit Holes, Lots, Parks, Houses & etc Width’s & Depth’s

I will also be making a list of the pre-made homes [that I’m sure came with the primary game of The Sims 3] to add to this list. I’ll just be adding the rabbit holes, community lots, fishing parks, parks, homes, etc.


Rabbit Holes

Truelong Community School – 45 x 45
Everfresh Delights Supermarket – 20 x 25
City Hall – 30 x 64
Police Department – 30 x 30
Wilsonoff Community Stadium – 25 x 40
Llama Memorial Stadium – 48 x 55
County Care Hospital – 44 x 30
Soil and Water Research Facility – 24 x 40
Outstanding Citizen Warehouse Corp. – 24 x 24
Fort Salas Military Base – 44 x 44
Hogan’s Deep-Fried Diner – 18 x 24
Doo Peas Corporate Towers – 24 x 24
Divisdero Budget Books – 20 x 25
Sunflower Spa – 20 x 25
Little Corsican Bistro – 20 x 25

Community Lots

Riverfront Swim Club – 24 x 24
“All the Rave” Warehouse – 40 x 24
Wright Reading Room – 20 x 25
The Water Hole Juice Bar – 20 x 25
The Gazebo – 25 x 30
Octagon House: Historical Museum and Art Gallery – 20 x 25
Riverview Gymnasium – 30 x 45


Dogwood Playland – 20 x 30
Azalea Acres Community Garden – 30 x 20
For Bridges Park – 64 x 10
Riverwalk Park – 64 x 11


Old Town Cemetery – 40 x 40

Fishing Spots

Riverview Fish Hatchery – 60 x 60
Lost Willow Park – 40 x 40

Housing Lots

Darrow Meadows – 60 x 60 [ 3br, 2ba ]
Fertile Fields – 60 x 60 [ 3br, 1.5ba ]
The Granery – 20 x 30 [ 3br, 1.5ba ]
Labrador Purebred – 40 x 40 [ 3br, 2ba ]
Champion Lhaso Apso – 40 x 30 [ 2br, 2ba ]
Corgi Chief – 40 x 30 [ 2br, 2ba ]
Pomeranian Hybrid – 40 x 40 [ 1br, 1ba ]
Teacup Chihuahua – 30 x 30 [ 1br, 1ba ]
Great Room, Great Dane – 40 x 30 [ 5br, 3.5ba ]
Standard Poodle – 40 x 30 [ 2br, 2ba ]
Toy Dachshund – 30 x 20 [ 1br, 1.5ba ]
Sunny Acres – 40 x 30 [ 3br, 1.5ba ]
The Homestead – 40 x 40 [ 2br, 1ba ]
The Old Spenster Place – 40 x 30 [ 3br, 2ba ]
Porch Place – 40 x 30 [ 3br, 2ba ]
Verandas – 20 x 30 [ 2br, 1ba ]
The Split – 40 x 30 [ 2br, 3.5ba ]
Dog Patch – 30 x 30 [ 2br, 1ba ]
Mini Manor – 30 x 30 [ 1br, 1.5ba ]
Rivers End – 64 x 64 [ 2br, 2.5ba ]
Terra Bella – 60 x 60 [ 4br, 3.5ba ]
Rocker’s Retreat – 60 x 60 [ 2br, 3ba ]
Tide Water – 40 x 40 [ 1br, 1.5ba ]
Beaux Chateau – 40 x40 [ 1br, 1.5ba ]
Skunk Haven – 30 x 30 [ 1br, 1ba ]
Single Wide – 30 x 20 [ 1br, 1ba ]
Budget Home – 20 x 30 [ 1br, 1ba ]
Family Compound – 40 x 40 [ 5br, 3ba ]
Low Water – 20 x 30 [ 1br, 1ba ]
Tish Cottage – 20 x 30 [ 2br, 1ba ]
Garage Apartment – 30 x 20 [ 1br, 1ba ]
Caravanique – 30 x 20 [ 4br, 1ba ]
Remington’s Ruse – 40 x 40 [ 3br, 4ba ]
Station Number One – 30 x 20 [ 1br, 1.5ba ]
Cherry Blossom House – 30 x 20 [ 1br, 1ba ]
Gardenia Grove – 30 x 20 [ 1br, 1ba ]
Plum Place – 20 x 30 [ 2br 1.5ba ]
Roughhewn – 40 x 40 [ 1br, 1ba ]
Cyprus Villa – 60 x 60 [ 1br, 1ba ]
Camera Moderne – 40 x 40 [ 2br, 1ba ]
Aquarius Rising – 60 x 60 [ 2br, 1.5ba ]
Riverview Ranch – 30 x 40 [ 4br, 1ba ]
Subpar Bunker – 60 x 60 [ 1br, 1ba ]

Sunset Valley

Rabbit Holes

Landgraab Industries Science Facility – 64 x 64
Mirabello Plaza: Bookstore, Theatre, Grocery Store – 64 x 32
Community School for the Gifted – 64 x 32
Hogan’s Deep-Fried Diner – 30 x 40
Sharma Day Spa – 21 x 22
Doo Peas Corporate Towers – 32 x 36
Outstanding Citizen Warehouse Corp. – 40 x 36
City Hall – 48 x 64
Llama Memorial Stadium – 64 X 64
Police Department – 30 x 30
Little Corsica Bistro – 16 x 18
Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital – 30 x 40
Fort Gnome Military Base – 64 x 64

Community Lots

Le Petit Shark Pool Center – 30 x 28
Loft Cerulean Blue Pool – 30 x 30
Sunset Institute of Modern Art –
Papurus Memorial Library – 32 x 32
28 Hour Wellness Gym – 32 x 40


Central Park – 64 x 64


Pleasant Rest Graveyard – 32 x 63

Fishing Spots

Pinochle Pond – 64 x 64
Stoney Falls – 64 x 54
Crystal Springs – 64 x 64
Summer Hill Springs – 60 x 60


Old Pier Beach – 60 x 37
Sunnyside Strand – 64 x 22
Recurve Strand – 40 x 30

Housing Lots

Landgraab Estate – 60 x 60 [ 3br, 4ba ]
Villa Alto – 60 x 60 [ 2br, 2.5ba ]
Cormorant – 40 x 30 [ 3br, 1.5ba ]
Shearwater – 40 x 30 [ 1br, 1.5ba ]
Condor Museum Lofts – 40 x 30 [ 4br, 1ba ]
Metropolitan Lofts – 30 x 30 [ 3br, 2ba ]
Cosmopolitan Lofts – 30 x 40 [ 5br, 2ba ]
Lone Wolff Manor – 40 x 40 [ 1br, 4ba ]
Unabridged – 40 x 40 [ 2br, 2ba ]
Sur La Plage – 30 x 30 [ 1br, 1.5ba ]
Ocean Vista Cottage – 30 x 20 [ 2br, 2ba ]
Pescadero – 30 x 30 [ 3br, 2.5ba ]
Myrtle Bungalow – 30 x 30 [ 1br, 1ba ]
Raggio Del Sole – 20 x 30 [ 2br, 1.5ba ]
August Moon – 30 x 40 [ 2br, 2ba ]
Wagner’s Repose – 40 x 30 [ 3br, 3ba ]
Ye Olde Tudor – 30 x 40 [ 3br, 2.5ba ]
Asilomar – 30 x 30 [ 3br, 2ba ]
Pondcentric – 30 x 40 [ 2br, 1ba ]
Low Fa Ranch – 40 x 40 [ 2br, 1ba ]
House Plan B – 30 x 20 [ 2br, 1ba ]
Modernehaus – 40 x 30 [ 3br, 2ba ]
Minihaus – 30 x 20 [ 2br, 1ba ]
“El” Urban Sprawl – 40 x 30 [ 2br, 1ba ]
Capitola A – 30 x 40 [ 2br, 1.5ba ]
Peep’s Peak – 40 x 30 [ 4br, 4ba ]
Tilelicious – 30 x 40 [ 4br, 3ba ]
Goth Manor – [ 3br, 3ba ]
Primrose – 30 x 40 [ 2br, 2ba ]
Garden Cottage – 30 x 40 [ 2br, 1ba ]
Americana – 30 x 30 [ 2br, 2ba ]
Stalwart Mission – 20 x 30 [ 1br, 1.5ba ]
Victor’s Abode – 30 x 20 [ 2br, 2.5ba ]
Greener & Greener – 40 x 30 [ 3br, 3ba ]
Plus Plus – 30 x 30 [ 3br, 2ba ]
Cozy Craftsman – 40 x 30 [ 2br, 1.5ba ]
Mosquito Cove – 30 x 40 [ 1br, 1ba ]
Flava-ful – 20 x 30 [ 2br, 1ba ]
Pre-fabulous – 20 x 30 [ 1br, 1ba ]
Cottage Cheese – 30 x 30 [ 1br, 1ba ]
The Monotone – 20 x 30 [ 1br, 1ba ]
Shotgun Style – 30 x 40 [ 2br, 1ba ]

The Sims 3: Ways to Kill Your Sim

If you’re curious as to how to kill your Sims in the Sims 3 well continue reading.

[I’ve should of been made this]


Simply cut off free will and don’t feed your Sim. If your Sim’s free will is on, let alone on high, they’ll feed themselves. But to make sure, put them in a room with no doors. It takes time but that’s what the speed 3 button is for. This one may take a while. There have been people saying that the Grim Reaper would come but he would give that Sim another chance at life. When your Sim do die, your Ghost Sim will be purple.


Since your Sim can climb out of the pools now [in The Sims 2, they couldn’t of course] you will have to build a wall around the swimming pool. Make sure you remove any step ladders out of the pool so you can build your wall. When your Sim die, your ghost Sim will be blue and dripping.


There are a couple ways to set your Sim on fire. You can leave the food [cancel cooking before Sim is finished] on the stove until it catches fire and then move your Sim near it. Or you can put 3-4 fireplaces in one room and cut them all on and remove the door. When your Sim die, your ghost Sim will be orange and flaming.


With this one you can either, have a Sim tinker and try and fix something with a low mechanical skill. Or have them fix something electrical with a pool of water that hasn’t been mopped up with a low mechanical skill. You may only have to try once but on occasions it can take two to three tries to kill your Sim. When your Sim die, your ghost Sim will be yellow with jolts of lightning coming from it.

Old Age

Of course the last one will be is when your Sim die of old age. Just simply let your Sim reach the end of its lifespan and your Sim will die. You can force your Sim to age with the cheat code [forcecheatenable true] by pressing CTRL+Shift+C. Then shift + click on the Sim and there should be a selection to ‘trigger age transition’. When your Sim die, your Sim ghost will be Gray.


There has been word on the internet that there is a mod on called ‘Dexter the Bear. From my understanding it allows your Sim to kill another Sim in some cruel ways. I will have to do some research on this and I’ll check back with an update on my findings.

You can bring your Sim back to life with a Death Flower. [Check the Ghost Guide]

If you have the patches installed, you can no longer have baby ghost Sims from my knowledge.

In some cases the Science Center will call you with an opportunity that involves your dead Sim. You have to bring the Urn [ashes] to the Science Lab. That’ll be the only way [I believe] you can play as a Ghost Sim in the game.

If you want the ghost to stay or ‘haunt’ your home, just put the gravestone out front or out back and that Sim will stay there.

In the expansion pack [World Adventures] for The Sims 3, you can get cursed by a mummy and perish.

Click here if you would like to see the Death and Ghost Guide.

If anyone have any tips or information they would like to share, feel free to leave a comment.

The Sims 3 World Adventures: Shang Simla, China Guide


The Sims 3: World Adventures

Shang Simla, China is a great place for The Sims 3 gamers to start traveling with the Sims 3 World Adventures. Here you’ll learn martial arts, new recipes and a lot of other things. This guide will help newcomers along.

Chinese Shops & Special Shops

Bookstore: Novels, cook books, bait books and martial arts skill book.

General Goods: Chinese incense holder, martial arts training dummies and block breakers, dried food, tents, shower in a can and plenty of other items.

Food Vendor: Plums, and pomelos for gardening and cooking, stir fry and egg roll dishes.

Relic Vendor: Relic collector filler..

  • Pemmican
    • Ancient Coins: 10
    • Visa Level: 1
    • Description: Gives a +moodlet when eaten.
  • Potion of Liquid Courage
    • Ancient Coins: 40
    • Visa Level: 1
    • Description: Cures the fear moodlet, potentially saving your Sim some time. Especially if you were cursed by a mummy.
  • Sands of Understanding
    • Ancient Coins: 100
    • Visa Level: 1
    • Description: Helps you get through tombs by highlighting triggers in the current room.
  • Skeleton Keystone
    • Ancient Coins: 400
    • Visa Level: 2
    • Description: Unlocks the ’shape’ doors, such as stars and crescents.
  • Master Thief‘s Coins
    • Ancient Coins: 75
    • Visa Level: 2
    • Description: Your Sim will find more Ancient coins than normal.
  • Sultan’s Tabernacle
    • Ancient Coins: 2500
    • Visa Level: 3
    • Description: Slumber on the road.
  • Certificate of Partnership China
    • Ancient Coins: 1200
    • Visa Level: 3
    • Description: Gives you 3-plus days in China.

Relic Collections

Chinese Tombs Symbol Collection

  1. Symbol of Dong Huo’s Treasure Trove
  2. Symbol of the Hot Springs Cave
  3. Symbol of the Annex of the Resolute Fist
  4. Symbol of the Market Caverns
  5. Symbol of the Temple of the Dragon
  6. Symbol of the Tomb of the First Emperor
  7. Symbol of the Halls of the Lost Army
  8. Symbol of the Resolute Fist Retreat
  9. Symbol of Pangu‘s Haven

Chinese Vases Collection

  1. Vase of Amin
  2. Vase of Barooka
  3. Vase of the Dragon
  4. Vase of Nosylla
  5. Vase of Nebu
  6. Vase of the Empress
  7. Vase of Life
  8. Vase of Maroof

Zodiac Animals Collection

  1. Snake of Simhara
  2. Green Dragon
  3. Wandering Tiger of Baroo

Chinese Tombs

The Dragon’s Maw – This tomb is only partially explorable without doing adventures. In order to explore it fully, you’ll need the Keystone of the Dragon.

Halls of the Lost Army – This tomb is only accessible if you accept the first pair of adventures, starting with ‘Seeking Adventure’.

Hot Springs Cave – At the top of the hot springs area, there’s a boulder which can be smashed allowing access to a dive well

Market Caverns –You can explore this tomb any time, but the Dong Huo keystone will only be present if you are currently pursing the ‘A Curious Note’ adventure.

Resolute Fist Retreat – Explorable during the Potent Signs of Potential adventure

Temple of Heaven – The entrance to the Temple of Heaven is through one of the two small buildings in the complex.

Terracotta Army – Tomb of the First Emperor – Access this area by accepting the Assisting an Elder adventure.

The Sims 3 World Adventures: Al Simhara, Egypt Guide


Al Simhara, Egypt is a great place for tomb explorers. It features probably the largest tombs in the game, along with a wide selection to choose from. This is a great place to stop after you’ve visited China. Here you can learn snake charming, and purchase the best cameras in the game to pursue the photography skill.

Snake Charming

Charming a snake  is a hidden skill learned from the  snake charming basket. Buy them at the general goods store for $325 [if you don’t have any money you always bring up the command console and type in ‘motherlode’]. As your Sim gets better, they’ll eventually be able to put a cobra into the basket, for $1,000 Simoleons and possibly and if you stay at it, you’ll eventually be able to kiss the snake; which gives a positive moodlet and can be used to heal the mummy’s curse [click here for more on that subject].

New Fish

Of course there will be new fish in The Sims 3 World Adventures. Its quite silly for you think there wouldn’t be. The names of these fish are Crocodile and Mummy Fish and a quite few others, if you want you can check this guide here for more of the World Adventures fish areas.

Shops in Egypt & Special Shops

Bookstore: Cookbooks, bait books and other novels.

General Goods: Cameras, mummified teddy bear‘s, and incense holders which can help your Sim to prevent stress.

Food Vendor: Egyptian foods like ‘Falafela’ and ‘Shawarma’, pomegranates, and cherries that you can use to garden or cook with also you can go to this vendor for nectar making purposes. It is also useful for one of the quests in which you need to serve up some ‘Shawarma’.

Relic Vendorcanopic jars and the like. You can sometimes find items to fill out your collections here, and some may even be more valuable than the purchase price.

Egypt’s Special Shop

Marked in red on your map will be a special vendor who will sell items that require ancient coins and a set VISA level. The following items are sold in Egypt:

  • Pemmican
    • Ancient Coins: 10
    • Visa Level: 1
    • Description: Gives a +moodlet when eaten.
  • Potion of Liquid Courage
    • Ancient Coins: 40
    • Visa Level: 1
    • Description: Cures the fear moodlet, potentially saving your Sim some time. Especially if you were cursed by a mummy.
  • Mummy Snacks
    • Ancient Coins: 100
    • Visa Level: 1
    • Description: Your Sim will give these to a mummy, preventing the mummy encounter entirely.
  • Skeleton Keystone
    • Ancient Coins: 400
    • Visa Level: 2
    • Description: Unlocks the ‘shape’ doors, such as stars and crescents.
  • Tear of Horus
    • Ancient Coins: 1600
    • Visa Level: 2
    • Description: When activated from the inventory, it displays the locations of dig sites and relics in map mode. Tomb raiders may find hidden rooms with this artifact activated.
  • Escape Dust
    • Ancient Coins: 75
    • Visa Level: 2
    • Description: This will teleport you to your current home.
  • Sultan’s Tabernacle
    • Ancient Coins: 2500
    • Visa Level: 3
    • Description: Slumber on the road.
  • Certificate of Partnership with Egypt
    • Ancient Coins: 1200
    • Visa Level: 3
    • Description: Gives you 3-plus days in Egypt.

Relic Collections

Tombs of Egypt Relic Collection

  1. Sigil of the Den of Lost Souls
  2. Sigil of the Soulpeace Chambers
  3. Sigil of the Tomb of the Burning Sands
  4. Sigil of James Vaughan Command Center
  5. Sigil of the Tomb of the Desert Ocean
  6. Sigil of the Bazaar Basement
  7. Sigil of the Ancient Library
  8. Sigil of the Criminal Headquarters
  9. Sigil of Queen Hatshepsut
  10. Sigil of the Copper Quarry
  11. Sigil of the Tomb of the Rock
  12. Sigil of the Tomb of Discovery
  13. Sigil of the Sanctuary of Horus

Canopic Jars Collection

  1. Canopic Jar of the Cat
  2. Canopic Jar of the Eagle
  3. Little Pharaoh Canopic Jar
  4. Mummified Canopic Jar
  5. Weeping Canopic Jar

Egyptian Gold Figurines Relic Collection

  1. Seth of the Desert
  2. Sultan of the Sphinx
  3. Horus of the Sky
  4. Statue of the Cobra

Tombs in Al Simhara, Egypt [With Adventures]

  1. Abu Simbel – Entry into Abu Simbel requires an offering. You’ll need a tiny space rock
  2. Copper Quarry – Located on the island in the shot above. You are sent to this place on an adventure, but it’s fully explorable as long as you have Pangu’s axe and zeneport.
  3. Great Pyramid – To fully explore it you’ll need Pangu’s Axe to smash a boulder.
  4. Great Sphinx – You can choose to explore the Great Sphinx before you get cursed by a mummy and this will open up the cleansing ritual for you in the future.
  5. Pyramid of the Burning Sands – The First half of this pyramid is explorable without an adventure keystone.
  6. Pyramid of the Sky – This place is fully explorable but not exploitable without Pangu’s Axe but there is three boulders that block doors in the pyramid. You’ll first need to go to the right side and explore that area to find the Keystone to the Heart of the Water Temple.
  7. Pyramid of the Wind – There’s a chest in the entry and three stairwells that lead to treasure. You could encounter a mummy here from the single sarcophagus.
  8. The Temple of Queen Hatshepsut – This place is not even accessible without first reaching key stages in the In Search of Love adventure.
  9. Tomb of Discovery – The Tomb of Discovery is the first place you’ll go after accepting the Business Abroad quest.


20 West Riverview Place – The Ancient Library
It’s in a home and can be accessed by reading a book on the shelf in the living room. If your sims has maxed-out skills then you can’t activate this. You’re directed here on step eight of the Business Abroad quest. You can get inside before the quest by asking to be let in. You’ll find another relic for your collection here as well.

7 Marketview Place
This place is only fully explorable with Pangu’s Axe, but there’s nothing incredible here. It’s just yet another tomb to clear. You are directed here with the Trapped at Home adventure, which is probably the only time you’ll visit it. Return with the Axe to search for for prizes.

1 Quarry View Place
This is James Vaughn’s Command Center, where you can find a Sigil of the same name. You’ll be directed here through the continuation of the quest line that begins with Nefarious Intentions. The puzzles in this place can be tough.

The Sims 3 World Adventures: Fishing Area Guide


The Sims 3: World Adventures

This a guide for those just now getting the Sims 3 World Adventures expansion pack and wondering where are the best places to fish while you’re out of the country. I’m sure those who has had it way before then won’t need any help.

Shang Simla, China

  • Han’s Orchard: Kawarimono Koi, Ochiba Koit, Doitsu Koi
  • Dragon Springs: Tancho Koi, Dragon Fish
  • Hot Springs: Doitsu Koi, Kawarimono Koi, Ochiba Koi
  • Abandoned Barn: Doitsu Koi, Ochiba Koi, Tancho Koi
  • Scholar’s Garden: every type of Koi

Al Simhara, Egypt

You’ll find frogs in Egypt but if you haven’t been to France and got their favorite bait which is ‘Cherimola Blan Grapes’ you won’t be catching many of them, unless you’re lucky or you have the ‘angler’ trait.

  • Water in the Sand: Mummy Fish, Crocodiles and frogs
  • Behind the Great Pyramid are two ponds with crocodiles and frogs. The furthest of the two has a good spot for mummy fish.

France has them all in all their fishing spots.

The Sims 3 World Adventures: The Legendary Axe of Pangu Guide


The Legendary Pangu‘s Axe is a vital tool for adventurers who want to explore tombs. You can only get Pangu’s Axe in china, and you’ll have to complete all of the available adventures there [in the Temple of Heaven]. This guide will help you along in achieving the great feat in earning Pangu’s Axe.

What does the axe do exactly?

Pangu’s Axe removes rubble piles a whole lot faster than any Sim. It can smash boulders as well which is its greatest ability. Tombs in ChinaFrance and Egypt all feature boulders that cannot be surpassed without the Axe. Getting this axe will save your Sim some backtracking and perhaps allow them to access great treasure much earlier. The things you will need to get started on your pursuit in receiving this axe is:

  1. Tent.
  2. Dry food.
  3. Puzzle solving skill. [Only in World Adventures].
  4. Charisma. [Try reading a book a charisma and raise it to at least 3 or 4].

Getting the Quest

Depending on your luck and patience you’ll have to spend a lot of time in China and you may have to make a few trips back depending on that luck I mentioned. Taking the ‘prepared traveler reward’ helps with this as it can give you three extra days out of country. Check the adventure board frequently. There are at least four or five in there, if one named ‘Confounded Boulder!’ isn’t there, you will need to eliminate some. You may even need to do four or more, so that more slots are freed up when the board is replenished overnight.

When you’ve finally got the Confounded Boulder quest, you’ll begin a five part chain of events. First, you’ll need to convince three locals, then convince one to give up the location of the axe. That Sim will require you to collect several gems to fund the city [which is why you need your Charisma up to par]. You’ll then need to retrieve the Axe from the Temple of Heaven. Lastly, acquire a relic from Hot Springs to claim ownership of the Axe.

The Temple of Heaven

The door to get in is located in one of the two outside buildings. There’s a stairwell inside. Once you get to the end of the long path and are met with two stairwells, that’s where the tombs are.

Once you’ve retrieved the axe, your Sim will have to get back out of course. There will be new traps to get through along the way, and you’ll need to do a bit of disarming and attempting to cross in order to make it out. Keep a sharp eye and you’ll be able to avoid getting hit too much. Once you reach the first stairwell in the map, take the other for an exit route featuring some boulders to smash. There’s some extra treasure to be had here as well. It will eventually take you straight back to the entrance of the tomb. You have a choice if you want to do the next part although you already have Pangu’s axe in your possession, but you should probably complete the chain and get it over with since you’ve came this far.  Move on to the Hot Springs in the next step to get plenty of visa points and ancient coins to help fund your explorations.

Adventuring the Hot Springs

When you’re finished with the last quest, your Sim will be sent to do an adventure in the Hot Springs to recover a relic for the quest giver. Pangu’s Axe will be needed to smash the boulder blocking the dive well at the entrance to the hot springs. The dungeon inside is rather small and features just a few puzzles. The only hard one involves fire. Push the statue onto the floor panels then step on the foot switches to gradually extinguish all the flames but the one blocking the door to the right. Once you’ve made it to the end, and recover the relic, Pangu’s Axe will be yours upon speaking with the quest giver. You’ll now be able to use Pangu’s Axe to smash through boulders in many places in China, France, and Egypt, revealing new hidden treasures for your Sim to collect.