The Sims 3 World Adventures: Al Simhara, Egypt Guide


Al Simhara, Egypt is a great place for tomb explorers. It features probably the largest tombs in the game, along with a wide selection to choose from. This is a great place to stop after you’ve visited China. Here you can learn snake charming, and purchase the best cameras in the game to pursue the photography skill.

Snake Charming

Charming a snake  is a hidden skill learned from the  snake charming basket. Buy them at the general goods store for $325 [if you don’t have any money you always bring up the command console and type in ‘motherlode’]. As your Sim gets better, they’ll eventually be able to put a cobra into the basket, for $1,000 Simoleons and possibly and if you stay at it, you’ll eventually be able to kiss the snake; which gives a positive moodlet and can be used to heal the mummy’s curse [click here for more on that subject].

New Fish

Of course there will be new fish in The Sims 3 World Adventures. Its quite silly for you think there wouldn’t be. The names of these fish are Crocodile and Mummy Fish and a quite few others, if you want you can check this guide here for more of the World Adventures fish areas.

Shops in Egypt & Special Shops

Bookstore: Cookbooks, bait books and other novels.

General Goods: Cameras, mummified teddy bear‘s, and incense holders which can help your Sim to prevent stress.

Food Vendor: Egyptian foods like ‘Falafela’ and ‘Shawarma’, pomegranates, and cherries that you can use to garden or cook with also you can go to this vendor for nectar making purposes. It is also useful for one of the quests in which you need to serve up some ‘Shawarma’.

Relic Vendorcanopic jars and the like. You can sometimes find items to fill out your collections here, and some may even be more valuable than the purchase price.

Egypt’s Special Shop

Marked in red on your map will be a special vendor who will sell items that require ancient coins and a set VISA level. The following items are sold in Egypt:

  • Pemmican
    • Ancient Coins: 10
    • Visa Level: 1
    • Description: Gives a +moodlet when eaten.
  • Potion of Liquid Courage
    • Ancient Coins: 40
    • Visa Level: 1
    • Description: Cures the fear moodlet, potentially saving your Sim some time. Especially if you were cursed by a mummy.
  • Mummy Snacks
    • Ancient Coins: 100
    • Visa Level: 1
    • Description: Your Sim will give these to a mummy, preventing the mummy encounter entirely.
  • Skeleton Keystone
    • Ancient Coins: 400
    • Visa Level: 2
    • Description: Unlocks the ‘shape’ doors, such as stars and crescents.
  • Tear of Horus
    • Ancient Coins: 1600
    • Visa Level: 2
    • Description: When activated from the inventory, it displays the locations of dig sites and relics in map mode. Tomb raiders may find hidden rooms with this artifact activated.
  • Escape Dust
    • Ancient Coins: 75
    • Visa Level: 2
    • Description: This will teleport you to your current home.
  • Sultan’s Tabernacle
    • Ancient Coins: 2500
    • Visa Level: 3
    • Description: Slumber on the road.
  • Certificate of Partnership with Egypt
    • Ancient Coins: 1200
    • Visa Level: 3
    • Description: Gives you 3-plus days in Egypt.

Relic Collections

Tombs of Egypt Relic Collection

  1. Sigil of the Den of Lost Souls
  2. Sigil of the Soulpeace Chambers
  3. Sigil of the Tomb of the Burning Sands
  4. Sigil of James Vaughan Command Center
  5. Sigil of the Tomb of the Desert Ocean
  6. Sigil of the Bazaar Basement
  7. Sigil of the Ancient Library
  8. Sigil of the Criminal Headquarters
  9. Sigil of Queen Hatshepsut
  10. Sigil of the Copper Quarry
  11. Sigil of the Tomb of the Rock
  12. Sigil of the Tomb of Discovery
  13. Sigil of the Sanctuary of Horus

Canopic Jars Collection

  1. Canopic Jar of the Cat
  2. Canopic Jar of the Eagle
  3. Little Pharaoh Canopic Jar
  4. Mummified Canopic Jar
  5. Weeping Canopic Jar

Egyptian Gold Figurines Relic Collection

  1. Seth of the Desert
  2. Sultan of the Sphinx
  3. Horus of the Sky
  4. Statue of the Cobra

Tombs in Al Simhara, Egypt [With Adventures]

  1. Abu Simbel – Entry into Abu Simbel requires an offering. You’ll need a tiny space rock
  2. Copper Quarry – Located on the island in the shot above. You are sent to this place on an adventure, but it’s fully explorable as long as you have Pangu’s axe and zeneport.
  3. Great Pyramid – To fully explore it you’ll need Pangu’s Axe to smash a boulder.
  4. Great Sphinx – You can choose to explore the Great Sphinx before you get cursed by a mummy and this will open up the cleansing ritual for you in the future.
  5. Pyramid of the Burning Sands – The First half of this pyramid is explorable without an adventure keystone.
  6. Pyramid of the Sky – This place is fully explorable but not exploitable without Pangu’s Axe but there is three boulders that block doors in the pyramid. You’ll first need to go to the right side and explore that area to find the Keystone to the Heart of the Water Temple.
  7. Pyramid of the Wind – There’s a chest in the entry and three stairwells that lead to treasure. You could encounter a mummy here from the single sarcophagus.
  8. The Temple of Queen Hatshepsut – This place is not even accessible without first reaching key stages in the In Search of Love adventure.
  9. Tomb of Discovery – The Tomb of Discovery is the first place you’ll go after accepting the Business Abroad quest.


20 West Riverview Place – The Ancient Library
It’s in a home and can be accessed by reading a book on the shelf in the living room. If your sims has maxed-out skills then you can’t activate this. You’re directed here on step eight of the Business Abroad quest. You can get inside before the quest by asking to be let in. You’ll find another relic for your collection here as well.

7 Marketview Place
This place is only fully explorable with Pangu’s Axe, but there’s nothing incredible here. It’s just yet another tomb to clear. You are directed here with the Trapped at Home adventure, which is probably the only time you’ll visit it. Return with the Axe to search for for prizes.

1 Quarry View Place
This is James Vaughn’s Command Center, where you can find a Sigil of the same name. You’ll be directed here through the continuation of the quest line that begins with Nefarious Intentions. The puzzles in this place can be tough.